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Cleaning Birkenstocks?

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stickybean Mon 11-Jul-11 12:56:55

Does anyone have any idea how I can clean my Birkenstocks? They are looking so grubby and dark on the sole. Any ideas?


Poodlehorse Wed 13-Jul-11 09:40:57

am a bit confused do you mean how the inner goes all dark and shiny? that is how they go and is when they are at their comfiest and most lived in for me.

queenrollo Wed 13-Jul-11 10:25:34

mine got absolutely filthy at Glastonbury last year, combination of dusty soil and very sweaty feet.
It was kill or cure to be honest so i shoved them in a pillowcase and put them in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash. They survived just fine, but I did it on a hot day so put them straight in the garden to dry.

But i agree with Poodle, the sole will look grubby and dark......mine don't look much cleaner, they just aren't caked with dirt anymore.....

stickybean Tue 26-Jul-11 00:00:14

Sorry, I've just seen this reply. They are dark from being caked in dirt, dust, sand etc rather than just being worn in.
I'll give the washing machine a go, nothing to lose!
Thank you smile

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