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gremlindolphin Sat 09-Jul-11 22:45:01

I am in the process of preparing a house to be rented out. There has never been a TV aerial or anything simiar at the house.

Can anyone explain to me what I need to put in ie does it need an aerial if the digital switchover happens next year or do people just get sky (does that need an aerial?) or can I just get a free sat box or something?

Have been reading various websites and am very confused (doesn't take much these days!)

I think we just need a freesatbox and a freesatcard but if anyone can enlighten me further I would be grateful.


breatheslowly Sun 10-Jul-11 16:51:15

I think freesat/sky would need a satellite dish too.

PaintedToenails Wed 13-Jul-11 23:19:25

Terrestrial and freeview boxes need an arial. Sky needs a dish, as does Freesat. Virgin uses cable so that technically doesn't need any form of dish/arial, they just hook it up to the cable connection in the street (but only if it has one, if not, you are out of luck).

Looks like you might have to just rent it to someone who never watches telly. And they do exist, I, myself, have only turned the television on about three times this year...once for the Eurovision Song Contest and now for the new series of Top Gear. And I could have got both of those on the iPlayer if I had wanted.

*realises that she is a very sad individual and slinks off to try and become a more rounded human being....hmm

peachybums Thu 14-Jul-11 13:46:24

Id just get an aerial on the roof which can receive digital tv, if your tennat wants sky or cable they can pay for that themselves. As long as they have some form of getting tv it will be fine.

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