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High-sleeper/ loft beds... Any recommendations? 'tis DD1's greatest wish!

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FGM Tue 05-Jul-11 14:43:07

That's it really. DD1 is desperate for a high- sleeper, ie raised bed with a chair/ drawers or desk bit underneath. I've looked at ASpace, Ikea and John Lewis and can't think of anywhere else that does these beds... Where are they all?

walesblackbird Tue 05-Jul-11 14:46:10

Argos, loads of websites.. but my son hated his having desperately wanted one. And rarely slept in it. We ended up binning it and buying him a double bed.

archfiend Tue 05-Jul-11 14:51:26

Try the kids window. got a mid sleeper from there but I know they do high sleepers too. Great quality and with ours the legs are in 2 parts so you can change it to a normal height bed if you want to at a later date.

vanillamum Tue 05-Jul-11 21:58:34

I can't recommend flexa beds enough we have three of them all great all bought from ebay. The beauty of the system is you can do the beds as buns, mid height, high beds, l-shaped bunks really versatile-lots of things like slides, play curtains. All very good quality and sturdy, best bit of furniture in our house!

QueenKate Wed 06-Jul-11 16:18:10

Flexa every time! We have 2 and will be getting a 3rd next year. They are very sturdy and very versatile.

amazonianwoman Wed 06-Jul-11 19:24:09

Another vote for Flexa, DD has white high sleeeper with desk & bookcase. DS has pine midsleeper. They're really solid, and flexible smile

Lemonsole Wed 06-Jul-11 21:10:44

I'd really recommend Rainbow Wood, which is in Farnham. They deliver anywhere, though, and give excellent service. We have a Thuka, and are really, really pleased with it.

uninspired Wed 06-Jul-11 21:18:25

No recommendations, just caveats from my experience.

It's hard to change the bedding; I kept bumping my head and DS found he got really hot as all the hot air rose.

Great for space saving though

Mammonite Wed 06-Jul-11 21:25:40

Yes, decide what you want and then hunt it down on ebay. There are always loads of bunkbeds for some reason, we got DS's Stompa bed from someone about 30 miles away. That way you get a solidly built one rather than an Argos wobbly.

I think kids get bored of them or don't sleep in them so there are a lot of lightly used ones in circulation.

amazonianwoman Wed 06-Jul-11 22:53:55

Agree that changing the bedding is a PITA!

MrsGerardButler Wed 06-Jul-11 23:32:42

I had a look on Ebay and found this. Not sure if it's a bed or just a pile of shite. grin

inthesticks Sat 09-Jul-11 16:59:49

Ours lasted under a year. Novelty wore off. As uninspired said they are a nightmare to change, you have to climb up and try to change bedding while on the bed, difficult enough if you have high ceilings but much worse if you can't sit upright.
We got rid and bought him a double which he loves.

baabaapinksheep Sun 10-Jul-11 19:03:38

cresta do some nice ones. I'm thinking of getting a mid sleeper for DD.

LindaPope Sat 13-Jun-15 12:19:47

Try, they make them rather than imported beds.

afreshstartplease Sat 13-Jun-15 12:20:58

How old is she? They aren't much good once you get to the age to go out drinking . ....

Wiifitmama Sat 13-Jun-15 12:22:07

Another vote for for flex a. We have had them for 10 years now and love the flexibility. You can always turn in back into a single bed of the novelty wears off. The quality is fabulous too.

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