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Home filing - what works for you?

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PonceyMcPonce Mon 04-Jul-11 20:20:44

have searched archives, improvised and tried a million different systems. My slovenliness has defeated them all.

How do you organise home stuff?

I have a big filing drawer, box files, lever arch files but cannot quite get it right.

Not sure how long to keep stuff either. Is it 7 years for tax records? Does that apply to probate/ will execution too..

So m uch paper, probably a fire hazard.

Am current trying Ohio - only handle it once, but sometimes have to go back to bills, when. Have the cash topaz them!

wicketkeeper Wed 06-Jul-11 12:03:34

We run our own business, as well as having the usual household bills etc. I have a miniature filing cabinet (two drawers rather than the standard 4 - about £50 from Staples - metal, so reduces the fire risk), and hanging files in the drawers. I have a different file for each 'thing' - all the usual, like gas, electric, TV licence, car insurance, but also odds and ends such as 'cat' (otherwise I can never find her record when she needs her booster jabs). Within the files, papers are in reverse order - ie the most recent at the top, as this is the one you're most likely to need to look at again. I've never heard of Ohio - not sure it's even possible!! I keep tax stuff for 7 years, everything else for about 2 years. Basically when the files get a bit full I have a clear out. Oh, I also have a box for receipts (non business related) - anything that cost over £100, and anything that has a guarantee goes in there.

GeneralissimoVonBobbington Wed 06-Jul-11 21:48:27

Something I learned on MN was that once you have your P60 (if you're PAYE) then you don't need the previous year's wage slips.

We have a special place where all the papers get put when I shout at DH enough before we I sort them out.

HerRoyalNotness Wed 06-Jul-11 21:51:49

I use a plastic storage box that hangs suspension folders in them. Got rid of every ing else, works great for me and I can store it in the bottom of a wardrobe or in the loft when not needed/full

PonceyMcPonce Wed 06-Jul-11 21:54:50

Have cleared out two sackfuls so far.
I want some gorgeous cream and grey box files and folders but can only find black and white ones from Laura Ashley.

I think I need to shop from [ here]]

PonceyMcPonce Wed 06-Jul-11 21:55:15


Did it come as a filing system? If so, where from please?

PonceyMcPonce Wed 06-Jul-11 22:13:33

i have just spent £400 virtual shopping in kida for some new cupboards - sigh

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