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Fitted wardrobes

(4 Posts)
Mumswang Mon 04-Jul-11 14:52:00


we have just moved into our new house. Our huge, old wardrobe won't fit up the stairs so we are stuck without anywhere to put our clothes, which are in black bags all over the place.

our bedroom has a big alcove which i think would be perfect for fitted wardrobes, but this is a totally new idea to me.

where does one get such a thing? would i look for a local carpenter? is a carpenter the right kind of person? would somewhere like ikea do flexible enough units to get something that fitted the space? are there other companies i should look at?

and finally what sort of range of cost would it be? i know it would depend on how big, what is required etc, but should i be expecting £100's or £1000's (if it's £1000's i am going to have to come up with a plan c

thank you

Gingefringe Mon 04-Jul-11 16:27:51

I have just had a fitted wardrobe in a bedroom which had a large alcove - we managed to get a four door wardrobe for £1400 from a local wardrobe/kitchen firm in Cardiff. It's created loads of hanging space and maximised all the area within the space and we're delighted with the result.
I know Hammonds do this kind of thing (they also have a section in the Next Directory I thinks). Failing that Ikea do a good flexible DIY range, and local carpenter would probably be able to do the job.

Mumswang Mon 04-Jul-11 17:06:25

thanks Ginge, have just been looking at ikea actually, need to get the tape measure out and see if i can make it work

hadn't heard of Hammonds so i'll have a look at them too

Adeli08 Thu 14-Jul-11 15:39:52

If cost is an issue -- which of course it always is, it might be worthwhile you checking out Hammonds Space. Apparently they provide a more simplified (and therefore cheaper) version of the fitted bedroom furniture provided by Hammonds. You will find them in the Next Directory as mentioned by Gingefringe, but they also have their own website.

Good luck!

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