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fruit flies

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tranquilgardens Sat 02-Jul-11 15:58:27

I found these attacking my banana's, so put them in the plate cupboard, and the dammed flies found their way in there, we had to eat the banana's quickly. I keep most fruit in the fridge in the summer, thankfully.

How do you rid your home of these things?

LordOfTheFlies Sat 02-Jul-11 20:45:43

Are those the tiny little ones that fly round in circles?
I flippin hate flies with a passion ( actually most insects but I wouldn't kill bees& butterflies)
I find the fly sprays useless and they make me choke.
Apart from keeping all fruit and veg covered
No cut flowers- they love them
Fly-papers- providing you don't get your hair caught in them
speaks from bitter experience grin

belledechocchipcookie Sat 02-Jul-11 20:47:24

I suck them up with the Dyson grin

janeyjampot Sat 02-Jul-11 21:31:10

I read a tip on here last year that I have used a couple of times with great success. Take your oldest, ripest banana (the one no one in my family will eat!) and put it in an old ice cream tub or margarine pot. Cover the pot with clingfilm and tape the clingfilm tightly to the sides of the pot. Then, pierce a couple of tiny holes (with a cocktail stick) in the top of the clingfilm. The fruit flies can't resist the banana but are too stupid to find their way out of the tiny holes they came in through. After a couple of days you can throw the whole thing away.

It works for me, but I have to do it regularly.

tranquilgardens Sat 02-Jul-11 21:57:49

wooo hooo that sounds great, thanks Janey, I will do that!

PaintedToenails Sun 03-Jul-11 19:44:59

Don't get rid of them, keep them and use them for a series of Mendelian Gene Inheritance Experiments!

You know you want to.......wink

DonaAna Sun 03-Jul-11 20:32:35

Much easier and more effective: pour a little of anything with a bit alcohol (wine, beer, sherry) into a wine glass. Add a drop of Fairy or other dishwashing liquid. Leave near the fly infestation. The flies cannot resist the smell of fermentation, flock into the glass and because of the detergent, drown in droves. Usually in less than a day your apartment is fly-free.

DonaAna Sun 03-Jul-11 20:34:02

Oh and the last time I did this I used the dregs of a sickly liqueur nobody would ever touch - the fruit flies loved it of course, plus I got rid of a bottle cluttering my cupboards.

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