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please help - can my whites be rescued???

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shinydiscoball Thu 30-Jun-11 12:08:27

I've left a red checked tea-towel in the washing machine and turned various white cotton clothing items a delicate shade of pink.... In my haste this morning I did not notice and chucked them all in the dryer! I'm worried now that I've 'set' the colour.

Have I ruined my clothes or is there ANYTHING I can do? Money's tight and I can't really afford to replace things easily sad


EveryonesJealousOfGingers Thu 30-Jun-11 12:11:49

You can buy something i think it's called dyegone - will have a look

EveryonesJealousOfGingers Thu 30-Jun-11 12:12:59

Here never tried it myself but their dyes are good so it might well work

shinydiscoball Thu 30-Jun-11 13:53:52

Thanks - I'll give it a go!

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