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Making a white Expedit bookcase attractive.

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LauLauLemon Thu 30-Jun-11 00:38:43

I have a white Expedit bookcase (the big swuare one) in my dining room that's storing a load of crap and doesn't look attractive at all.

Does anyone have pretty ideas to spruce up the cubbies? I like kitschy and unusual things.

PrinceHumperdink Thu 30-Jun-11 00:40:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LauLauLemon Thu 30-Jun-11 00:58:14

I'm assuming by ultrasuede they are fabric? Maybe I could get some fabric paint and DH who is very arty could do some lovely paintings on them?

Any idea if fabric paint works on suede?

PrinceHumperdink Thu 30-Jun-11 01:06:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LauLauLemon Thu 30-Jun-11 01:08:57

Ooh, that's brought to mind some fantastic ideas, thank you! Will approach DH with this tomorrow anf siss him out.

BuckBuckMcFate Thu 30-Jun-11 01:16:31

As you like kitsch I would buy the cheapest boxes they do and then get some fab material, google, there's some amazing prints and then cover the boxes yourself.

I'm off to buy expedit for the downstairs kids room (hate to say playroom!) and I've inspired myselfgrin

LauLauLemon Thu 30-Jun-11 01:25:12

That's a great idea Buck but fabric os so expensove, even online. I could possibly altermate fabric box with painted box/suede box? I'd have to do the math.

Our dining room is more like DD1's craft and toy area. She'll spend hours with her toys out playing eith whatever personality she's made up that day (today she was a pirate - arrrrh).

I'm attempting to sort one area of the room out for a mini office with a desk, lamp etc. any experience with the £30 add on Expedit desk or should I just buy a separate one?

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