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boring but necessary - please recommend me a good large capacity washing machine

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mrsravelstein Wed 29-Jun-11 11:19:58

i need to buy a new washing machine in a bit of a hurry

family of 5 so want a large capacity one that will stand up to a lot of use (ours is on pretty much all the time it feels like)

ideally want a half load & a quick wash programme too

i like clicky dials rather than electronic displays if possible

won't buy Miele as have been v disappointed with fridge & tumble dryer purchased from them at huge expense

all suggestions gratefully received, thank you

Cutiecat Wed 29-Jun-11 14:43:18

I have a bosch which i think takes 6 kg and have not had a problem with it but doesn't have a half load and is digital. Can't fault its washing though. Second bosch i have had, left last one in old house.

mrsravelstein Wed 29-Jun-11 15:01:02

thanks for that, i think that's supposed to be one of the better brands, i'll have a look!

daylightdreaming Wed 29-Jun-11 16:05:46

We have a Bosch Exxcel 7 - it takes 7kg and I think just self adjusts to smaller loads. I really like it and it's very easy to use - a big dial with all the washes around the sides. Also had a Miele before which I hated.

mrsravelstein Wed 29-Jun-11 16:36:37

i like the sound of a big dial. everyone raves about miele but i have had a nightmare with them...

clappyhands Thu 30-Jun-11 06:43:46


I have been lusting after this for about 6 months now

Nothing wrong with current machine, so can't justify the expense

But it takes 11kg......................................

clappyhands Thu 30-Jun-11 06:44:10


wonkylegs Thu 30-Jun-11 07:17:30

Another recommendation for the bosch exxcel 7 - I am astounded by how quiet it is after my old machine

mrsravelstein Thu 30-Jun-11 07:19:16

clappy hands it looks like something out of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy smile

will take a look at the bosch....

teta Thu 30-Jun-11 09:53:19

Lg Direct Drive 9 kg.I have 4 dc's and wash all my sofa covers and duvets in it.I am really happy with it as is very quiet and has a multitude of washes and extra rinses.However it does have a dial and an electronic display.

Cutiecat Thu 30-Jun-11 23:55:04

Most of the Bosch machines I think have an auto half load. I would also recommend a high spin speed minei s a 1600. I just did my sofa covers today in my 6kg fine and would wash a single duvet but not a double. I am secretly jealous of a 9kg machine but I have no idea why. I think I need to get out more.

mrsravelstein Fri 01-Jul-11 09:24:09

thanks cutie cat... i find myself quite unbothered by the purchase of a washing machine, but have been known to go and stroke range cookers and fisher & paykel fridges in currys, if that makes you feel any better...

Cutiecat Fri 01-Jul-11 10:57:11

I do love a good fridge or washing machine but ovens not so much. I have a Lacanche Cluny and i hate it. Also my dishwasher is on its last legs but dont see any pleasure replacing that.

I tried to pursuade my DH that i need a large capacity machine in the garage for doing all the bedding in every week and the duvets and pillows. He didn't go for the idea. Spoil sport. I was thinking a big american style one

QueenKate Fri 01-Jul-11 12:29:52

We're a family of 5 and have had a Hoover 1600 Vision HD 9kg machine for the 4years - it's great.
Digital display, but a dial and buttons. Fully adjustable temperature range and counts down the time until the end of the wash. It has a 29min and a 59 min cycle. No half load function but, ha ha, with 5 of us that's never really been necessary!

LordOfTheFlies Fri 01-Jul-11 20:17:17

I have a Bosch Excell 8kg, I don't think it has a half wash, but then I never wash a small amount. Takes a massive amount, kingsize 4.5 tog duvet even.The spin speed is only 1200 so sometimes have to re-spin,otherwise brilliant.
It had its own laundry room which it shares with a Hotpoint condenser T/D.The drier is a noisy blighter (now see why it was on sale)

mrsravelstein Sat 02-Jul-11 10:17:03

all useful, thank you all, i'm off to buy one today, sounds like a bosch with a higher speed than 1200 will do it.

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