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Cleaning a rug and sofa - recommendations please

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awaywiththepixies Wed 29-Jun-11 10:29:21

I have a rug (wool) which I love but which is dirty and smells of dog. I also have a fabric covered sofa (can't remove the covers) in desp. need of a clean. However there seems to be loads of different companies offering this service from the likes of Chemdry to those that promise everything will be dry in half an hour. I had the rug cleaned previously at the dry cleaners a while back and whilst it looked clean, when I sat on it I could still smell dog and we no longer have a dog, so it's obviously the original smell rather than it having been re-smellied. Anyone able to recommend something please?

Mandy2003 Wed 29-Jun-11 15:29:21

In an emergency (what sort of emergency requires this you may ask?) I had to buy a second hand beige settee off eBay. The guy who sold it brought it round and he and his wife agreed that if I made up a bowl of Aerial Bio and hot water, put in a sponge and wrung it out well, then the settee would clean up really well.

They were right, I blotted it with lots of towels afterwards and did it on a hot day so it dried quick.

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