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Wish me luck

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Wed 29-Jun-11 08:18:10

today i am going to use my brand new pressure washer to clean my disgustingly dirty patio slabs. I am gonna do it now, wearing yestersdays clothes because apparently you get filthly. When i've finished i'll have my shower.

Will report back at coffee break time

sittinghippo Wed 29-Jun-11 09:23:12

Good luck. Come and do mine after? [hopeful]

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Wed 29-Jun-11 09:40:12

oh dear - didn't even manage to work out how to set the bloody thing up - took it all out of the box and i couldn't fatham what bit went where, so i'm gonna wait for my neighbour to get home tonight and ask her.

Had a big garden clearout though and loaded the car to take to the tip, so not entirely wasted.

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