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dishwasher disaster - stuch but needs repairing!

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KMR281 Mon 27-Jun-11 15:14:01

we have an integrated dishwasher. It stopped working. Waited days for the engineer to come - he arrived this afternoon.

He's worked out that we need a new motor. so, the dishwasher needs to get pulled all the way out. However, one of the back feet won't raise. The ratchet has apparently been over-tightened at installation. So, as he might cause damage, WE have to somehow get the machine out - then he'll come back and fix it.

Does anyone have any bright ideas on how on earth to do this?? Apparently, if the feet don't raise, you just can't pull it out. One foot is stuck. good god, I really don't need this - car broken too, and landline. Sigh.
ta in advance...

KMR281 Mon 27-Jun-11 15:14:29

gaa, even got title wrong - stuck not stuch...

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