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A good large ironing board

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soniaweir Sun 19-Jun-11 13:11:39

can anyone recommend a good large ironing board? been to john lewis website but don't really know what's good and what's not.


ManicMother7777 Sun 19-Jun-11 14:16:01

I've got this one which is fab.

HappyAsIAm Tue 21-Jun-11 11:57:27

I have that brabantia one too and its large and sturdy. You can always buy new covers for it too.

PersonalClown Tue 21-Jun-11 12:06:52

I have this one from Argos.
It folds in half when not in use and is massive.

If you're tall like me, it's a godsend. No more backache for me!

Toughasoldboots Tue 21-Jun-11 12:15:04

I love a bit of ironing board porn- I have the brabantia one too, been through a few and this one is worth paying more for.

soniaweir Wed 22-Jun-11 08:34:18

great thanks for all the advice. i want to buy a cath kids ton cover - will that cover it?

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