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Scrubbing a table - help!

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BCBG Wed 15-Jun-11 22:47:31

Last week I bought something I've always wanted: an old Victorian kitchen table with a worn top to use as a kitchen table; the sort that used to be scrub we'd back with elbow grease and bleach? Except it appears not: it got marked over the weekend so stupidly I poured bleach on the mark and started rubbing so now I have a bleach mark. Worse still, tonight I knocked a candle over which poured wax across the table. so then I scrubbed it with a cloth and a hot water c,waning solution, and it looks very clean except that the wax has left a liquid shaped heat stain. blush. This distressed malarkey is harder than it looks then! Does anyone have a) a clue what I am on about and b) any idea how I get that fshly scrubbed table top look please! Thanks

BCBG Wed 15-Jun-11 22:48:50

Sorry for typos..... 'scrubbed' and 'cleaning'. Doh.

gotolder Thu 16-Jun-11 13:05:05

We had a scrubbed top table when I was a child: my mother used a scrubbing brush with stiff bristles, hot soapy water and lots and lots of elbow grease (maybe even bleach sometimes). She did this once a week on washday after the boiler had been used so plenty of hot soapy water available. The rest of the week it was wiped and covered with a cloth! I did love it and wanted one but when I had the chance I just remembered her red raw handssmile.

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