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how to clean brushed steel

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nightowlmostly Tue 14-Jun-11 21:30:39

I have recently got a new kitchen fitted, and am really happy with it - IKEA in case anyone's interested!

The only thing I'm having trouble with is the front of the oven door and the extractor fan are brushed effect steel. The extractor has greasy fingerprints on it, and I have tried to clean it just with fairy and a soft sponge but it doesn't work, and the oven front has smears too. I'm scared to try anything, as I ruined the finish on my fridge on the first day by scrubbing it blush !

Any tips?

BodyOfChristLegsOfTinaTurner Wed 15-Jun-11 08:02:06

Use a tiny dab of baby oil and some kitchen roll to polish it. The only thing that's ever worked for me!

brighthair Wed 15-Jun-11 23:57:37

Yup baby oil is fab. My kitchen has a lot of brushes steel and I just polish it up with that and kitchen roll

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 16-Jun-11 00:23:34

e-cloth smile I thought it was stupid and faddy, but it actually works.

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