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Sylvanian Family/Playmobil Storage

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Fresh01 Sun 12-Jun-11 23:33:27

Not sure if the answers are the same as the Lego thread, given the number of Sylvanian large pieces that can't be dismantled or Playmobil ones that if dismantled take forever to rebuild.

We have an increasing amount of Sylvanian and Playmobil things that my DD's love but 17 month old DS keeps ruining their villages or trying to eat all the pieces. We have now found out we are expecting no. 4 so the problem will be ongoing for the next 3 years plus so today I have decided to move all of it to the girls bedroom. I am figuring at nearly 4 and 6 they are more likely to go upstairs and play on their own and also get some peace from the younger siblings wrecking what they take time to set up.

So I need a system of storing it all in their bedroom so any advice on what to get?

The underbed drawers in the Lego thread might be the thing for all the smaller bits. But are the larger items, hotel, hospital etc and vehicles better on the floor or a bookcase?

Thanks for any advice.

Dillydollydaydream Mon 13-Jun-11 09:12:47

My DD (7) had loads of sylvanian families.
We got some cube storage from argos.
There's a flat surface to have all the houses set up an to play on and space underneath to store the storage bixes with all the figures/smaller items like car, caravan etc.

We did plan on decorating the suface with green felt etc so it looked like a real scene but havent got round to that part yet ;)

belgo Mon 13-Jun-11 09:14:53

We have all the playmobil in the under bed drawers, and the larger items displayed on a small bookshelf.

The Sylvanian Families live on a shelf in the cupboard.

dikkertjedap Mon 13-Jun-11 21:57:30

Playtables with storage drawers, for example toysdirect2yourdoor (also sells sylvania BTW)

Fresh01 Tue 14-Jun-11 21:54:23

Thanks for the suggestions. Have now moved it all to the girls bedrooms and it is in a big heap on the floor : ) DD2 is loving the fact DS can't get to it!

Think a shopping trip is on the cards for the weekend as it will need to find a permanent home.

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