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Pillow Recommendations

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Shell178 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:33:13

I really need to replace my pillow as it is so flat. I got a foam type one which started off really bouncy but now after a few months it's got no life in it!

What ones can you recommend?

funlovingcriminal Thu 16-Jun-11 19:23:00

I don't know but would love some advice too....reallly need to replace ours. I don't know how old they are, or even where they came from!!!!


vez123 Thu 16-Jun-11 19:26:11

Get proper feather or down ones, they can be perfectly moulded to the neck and head. John lewis usually have good ones but expect to pay 50 or 60 quid for a good one.

funlovingcriminal Thu 16-Jun-11 19:52:57

mmm, i saw some at ikea the other day like this^ Looked interesting, any experiences?

Shell178 Thu 16-Jun-11 21:29:18

I think I had a feather pillow before and could feel them. Do you think it was because it was a cheap version (about £20?).

Also is £50 upwards a lot to spend on a pillow?

SparkyToo Sat 18-Jun-11 14:04:03

I'd recommend this pillow as it feels like a down pillow, without creating dust. Certainly haven't gone flat either as filled with lots of little fluffy fibre clusters, rather than one great lump of fibre/foam. I can't bear those pillows....... like sleeping on a brick!

Shell178 Sat 18-Jun-11 16:36:13

I think the microfibre one is the winner,not too expensive either.

Thanks Ladies!

Teachermumof3 Mon 20-Jun-11 09:56:32

Definitely Dunlopillo! I've had one for ages now-it's the best pillow I've ever slept on and in fact I now take it on holiday with me which is a bit pathetic and precious, but I don't care!

DH coveted it and was alwasy trying to pinch it, so I bought him one last year, too. It was about £50, but worth every penny.

I'd like two...

Shell178 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:35:34

Hi Teachermumof3, do you know which one you got. I'm guessing if you bring it on holiday it must be good!

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