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To have or not have a cleaner

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strawberryjelly Mon 06-Jun-11 14:36:25


Family rows recently over this. I am living in a 4 bed house with 2 men- DH and a 25 yr old son ( who is about to move out soon when he finds a place.)

Basically, I am the skivvy and I have had enough.

I work from home so unless I clean up other people's mess then I am living in it and can't live like this.

Anyway- we have discussed having a cleaner but I have huge reservations:
1 cost- even at £15 a wek say 360 a month I could put that to better use.
2. privacy- would not want them in my bedroom or bathroom- so is there any point?
3. Used to have a cleaner a long time ago after I was seriously ill and found her a bit hopeless- she would talk all the time and I ended up making her tea etc.
4. Dirt that annoys me needs seeing to almost daily- hoovering hall and stairs ( not daily but often), cleaning kitchen floor.

Is there any virtue in having a cleaner who does just "big jobs" like windows, oven clean, ironing, downstairs only- son would not allow anyone in his room and it's a tip.

what's the verdict?

Driftwood999 Mon 06-Jun-11 15:21:35

It boils down to this. Some very nice women (and men) are willing to do temporary, part time work to earn "pin money". Usually mature people that are semi or fully retired and are experienced. You advertise and interview and screen those suitable. I think you need to view grin window cleaning as a separate job and so employ a w/cleaner on a ad hoc basis.

The person you employ will be instructed/directed by you as to what you require doing on any particular day. It's a discussion, a transaction. They will not feel menial. That's the deal. Pay good wages to someone local and reliable. Pressure will be lifted from you.

strawberryjelly Mon 06-Jun-11 16:15:18

I meant windows inside- have a cleaner for outsides.

what's the going hourly rate in the SE?

Checkmate Mon 06-Jun-11 16:19:08

Agencies might cost you £15 an hour, but SE outside London you could get a self employed cleaner for around £10 per hour.

Most of your reservations are answered by finding a good cleaner.

Window cleaners do clean the inside of windows as well as outside, at the very least switch to this, and have it done every 6 weeks.

Having the whole house vacuumed and dusted at the same time each week (plus surfaces and floors washed at the same time, as well as mirrors and any glass that gets grubby between window cleaner visits) cuts down on a lot of cleaning in between.

Ephiny Mon 06-Jun-11 16:26:55

We pay £12 an hour in London. I think it's well worthwhile - I'd never be anyone's skivvy, but neither DP or I particularly want to spend our free time cleaning so prefer to pay for it! Why don't you want her to do the bathroom though? That's one of the unpleasant chores I'm very glad to have someone else take care of.

I find a once-a-week clean is enough, though you might have higher standards of cleanliness than me if you think mopping floors and hoovering needs to be done (almost) every day! One other thing is that we have to tidy up a bit before she arrives so there isn't a lot of clutter in the way, if your husband and son are untidy and don't pick up after themselves, you might still find yourself having to do that...

Never asked a cleaner to do windows, I guess they might do insides if you asked. Surely that doesn't need doing very often though?

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