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play sand in outside drain

(5 Posts)
smerchant Sun 05-Jun-11 19:48:07

Hi, I have play sand in my outside drain and it has blocked it. I have tried running water but its hot helping. tried plunger as well but no effect. Can anybody please have any suggestion how to unblock it. many thanks.

smerchant Sun 05-Jun-11 20:05:33

anyone please..

peachybums Sun 05-Jun-11 22:12:20

my friends mum had a similar problem with her outside loo she used to empty the kids the water try down it (7 grandkids lol). Trouble is the sand from the sand tray was right next to it so the water had sand in it too. Ended up blocking it and causing it to flood all over the yard!

she had to call a plumber in and they replaced the pipe saying the sand had gone hard and caused the blockage. May not be as bad for you as she had old pipes and it built up over time. You may have to get someone out to try flush the drain through though. Good luck

Cutiecat Sun 05-Jun-11 22:30:50

I would try to blast it with a hose with a tight nozzle on. Try to dislodge it as much as possible.

crispyambulance Sun 05-Jun-11 23:20:43

can you get some rods? how far in the drain is the sand

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