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Cutiecat Sun 05-Jun-11 11:22:35

i am 8 months pregnant and we are having quite a big building project done. Obviously i am trying to keep the dust and mess under control so asked that our bedroom and ensuite were not accessed. I came home yesterday to find that my glass polishing e-cloth which is keep in my ensuite had been used in the new bathroom in the building site. It is covered in bits of plaster and crap. Also my lovely miele hoover had been used to clear up dust/rubble after i had just changed the filters. Do I say something to the guy running the job? I am checking i am not being overly hormonal about this.

Also can i put my e-cloth in the washing machine as rinsing it has not got it clean. Was new two weeks ago. sad

zoekinson Sun 05-Jun-11 20:14:32

Some builders take the mick, e-cloth can go in the wash, but not the point.
we had a miele and my DH used it after he had done some building work in DD's bedroom, motor is now shot. Thats our fault but it could trash your miele.
Tell them you are not happy, it is your home.

cakeforbrains Sun 05-Jun-11 20:28:53

You need to tell them if you're not happy. They'll probably think that you are being hormonal and unreasonable tho hmm. The builder probably has no idea what an e-cloth is anyway.
When we had builders in I resorted to putting notices on the doors of rooms that I didn't want them to enter. Likewise, providing cheap versions of things like the kettle and the hoover so that my decent ones didn't get trashed.
You're really brave doing a big project while pregnant. Will it all be fnished before the baby arrives?

Cutiecat Sun 05-Jun-11 22:42:54

I had a post it note on the ensuite door saying 'No builders please' but they ignored it. I am not sure if I am more angry that they went in or that they helped themselves to a carefully folded e-cloth that was drying on the side f the sink. It could have been an expensive face cloth.

I have also got DH to dig out old crap Dyson from Garage to leave lying around for them to use and am going to put a note on miele.

Cakeforbrains - Baby due in three weeks. I think we will be nearly done. It is really down to the decorators now and they are really slow and crap from what I have seen. Builder has employed them and it is included in price. They sanded and painted a doorway into the playroom but did not cover anything so we had to clean everything (including about 200 pieces of playmobile). It took 3 hours. I did complain about that.

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