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aaargh...washing machine broken down...repairable? Help!!

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bluebobbin Sat 04-Jun-11 19:16:13

I have a Bosch washing machine that is about 4 years old. I do a huge amount of washing (messy family!).

A few days ago it started making noises (crackling? general strange but not too bad sounding noise) when it was on the spin cycle and now it has totally packed up and the display code says that it's a motor fault. I am wondering if I have done so much washing that I have just worn the machine out - I don't really want to call an engineer out to be told that the repair is not economical and I have to get a new machine anyway. Does anyone know whether it sounds like I have destroyed the motor with so much washing or whether it sounds like a little part is needed? Am a bit clueless with this!

mrspnut Sat 04-Jun-11 19:18:26

Try posting here they are very knowledgeable and will be in a much better position to advise.

twonker Sun 05-Jun-11 00:37:28

i had similar experience, and my friend said "oh switch it off for a day or 2, it takes so long to reset, and then try it" did i listen? no, i went and called an engineer who couldn't find anything wrong with it... how embarrassing!

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