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Good at decluttering BUT cant bring myself to get rid of some items.

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goeasypudding Thu 02-Jun-11 12:30:48

I have limited room for storage in my small house and as a result I am very good at decluttering. Hurrah for me!

However there are some things I just cant seem to get rid of that really need to go!
Childhood and Teenage Diaries for one thing. Threw out 1992 yesterday after shredding the pages carefully, but I have 1984-2006 to deal with. Mostly they are full of nonsense and misery!

Why am I clinging on to them? Any advice about why I should let the past go?

Is there anything in your house you cant seem to get rid of?

Helium Thu 02-Jun-11 16:33:08

Yes - most things - but crikey there is no way I'd get rid of diaries - if I get to old age I will be relying on them to remind me of stuff and reflect on my life. Cant you just put them all in a box? Clothes I cant seem to part with even though the liklihood of me getting back into them is slim (get it..?!?!)

goeasypudding Thu 02-Jun-11 19:52:50

Thanks Helium, you are so right.

I am going to compromise, I have got rid of bad ones with lots of blank pages and misery! I have started to read a 1986 one - I was 13 years old, its very funny and entertaining.

Clothes is a hard one. I keep my thin clothes..... just in case!

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