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FlyLady - A life in babysteps!

(3 Posts)
ChairmumSupermum Wed 01-Jun-11 22:27:02

Hi all,

I was going to go back on the fledgling flyers thread when I head back into flylady properly this month but I've realised its still as busy as ever and I'll never keep up with it, so I'm hoping a few people who are failed or lapsed flyers will come and join me here for some moral support!

My plan is to spend this month addressing my house following flylady babysteps and then in following months to come up with my own set of babysteps to address my other problems and to build routines / habits. (e.g. eating, exercise, spending/budgeting). I suspect I'll be repeating and refining them over future months too! I'm very good at diving into things, but not at building habits that stick. bits of FlyLady routines have stuck, but I want to do better!

Anyone with me? I haven't got to bed at a decent time yet but I have shined my sink for the first time since my dishwasher broke!

way2serious Thu 02-Jun-11 16:45:16

Hi Chairmum,

Well done on your shiny sink. I hope you don't mind if I join you. Perhaps we will be able to give each other some encouragement.

I too struggle to build habits that stick but hope that by doing things step by step I will get there. My main problem is that I start with good intentions but get really tired as the week draws on and then give up. I need to make sure that I actually build time into my day to do all the right things!

ChairmumSupermum Thu 02-Jun-11 20:00:19

Yep I know that feeling! Always great intentions bit with a 1yo, a 3yo, divorce, depression and trying to register as a childminders I take on too much in one go and fail to make it stick.

I've decided to follow flylady's timetable for the house, and add one new habit each week to that. This week I'm carving out 15 mins personal grooming time for myself before bed!

I think trying to come up with ideas of how to keep energy levels up as the week progresses would be good too

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