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Dark blue icing for Tardis cake

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cornflakegirl Mon 30-May-11 21:40:34

DS wants a Tardis cake for his birthday on Saturday. I've picked up some good ideas on here for how to do it, but I'm not sure about the icing. How do I make dark blue fondant icing without specialist food dye? (Don't know where to get it round here, and don't think there's time for an online delivery.) If I use fondant icing sugar to make my own icing, and use blue liquid food dye, will it go horribly wrong?

DrSeuss Mon 30-May-11 22:32:50

The gel is better as it gives a deeper colour. If you add loads of the liquid, it can get really runny. Is there a Hobbycraft near you? I get stuff like that from ebay.

ja9 Mon 30-May-11 22:38:31

is there a cake shop anywhere near you, or a party shop? They would sell the icing. Otherwise, it'll be a messy wee job with liquid food colouring... but it will work. Have some extra icing sugar handy as your fondant icing will go sticky. Wear little disposable gloves if you can as your hands will be very stained otherwise.. Good luck! Cake sounds cool!

SarkyLady Mon 30-May-11 22:58:49

Liquid colouring won't work - will be too sticky by the time it gets dark enough.

Best to use powered dye or ready mixed fondant. You can get these online.

cornflakegirl Mon 30-May-11 23:01:46

Okay, will rethink - thanks!

ElectricSoftParade Mon 30-May-11 23:03:18

Sorry, don't have advice on the actual making of blue icing BUT when DS had a shop-bought Tardis cake, the next day his poo was BLUE!

Actually made a very good friend after her ds came to the party. Her DS had the blue poo too and broke the ice properly for us to talk. "ESP Did your DS have blue poo today? Mine did."

Anyway, good luck and hope it turns out well.

SarkyLady Mon 30-May-11 23:04:41

Tesco sell blue ready made but it is part of multi colour set so you'd have to buy loads smile

AuntieMonica Mon 30-May-11 23:08:09

i've used this stuff in different colours, but painted it onto white fondant icing. saves all that blue hand and gloves going on, and it gives a sheen finish too.


SarkyLady Mon 30-May-11 23:08:29

Or you can paint thecolouring on after but it tends to come out a bit streaky.

peachybums Tue 31-May-11 22:27:14

Id suggest using the paste colouring if you are making your own or popping down to a local craft shop. I get all my cakey things from here and they are quite speedy.

geraldinetheluckygoat Tue 31-May-11 22:33:06

yes the multi pack from tesco, that has exactly the right colour in. Buy several packs and mix about four blues in with half a pack of white icing. It will be a bit lighter, but will do the job, I rekon. Dont use liquid colour it will be a disaster!
If you do manage to find a cake supply shop, you could ring them and ask if they have atlantic blue regal ice, that is the exact perfect tardis colour!

LordOfTheFlies Tue 31-May-11 23:24:26

Practise painting several layers of blue/black paste onto a square of fondant to see hpw many layers you need.I would do blue with a touch of black to get the density.If you use roll out icing you'll never get the colour off your hands.
BTW have you got a mimi Matt Smith model or is he a David T fan?

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