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Is Comfort Bright Colours any good?

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LordOfTheFlies Mon 30-May-11 00:35:14

Or just a clever marketing ploy?
By the time the FC goes in ,the cleaning is done and the FC job is just to make sure there is no residual soap.The rinsing water is always clear so it's not as though any colour is being lost here.
Disclaimer:I am a real washing powder tart. 3 smells of Surf for dirty clothes; Daz/green ariel for lights;colour wash for colours and black;Fairy for soft things.
Used to love Woolite but haven't seen for ages.

tak1ngchances Mon 30-May-11 15:15:53

I think that it prevents colour being lost in subsequent washes by locking it in somehow.
There is one for whites too I think.

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