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The thing that goes on the bottom of an over the bath shower screen

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bubblecoral Sun 29-May-11 20:56:58

Does anyone know that thing I'm talking about?

We have a shower over our bath, and there is a glass door with a plastic thing on the bottom of it to stop water coming out and hold the screen/door in place.

Our bathroom is all white with just a little black, and this thing that I'm trying to describe has gone all yellow in the two years since we had the bathroom done. It looks horrible, and it drives me slightly crazy because I love our bathroom! It really shows up against the white.

I've tried normal cleaners and bleach, but the thing is still yellow.

Is there anything else I can try before I have to resort to finding out if I can buy a new one?

RachelHRD Sun 29-May-11 21:48:11

The flexible strip that seals the panel against the bath? You should be able to slide it off and in the past I have then soaked it in the bath with water with some bleach added and the grubby bits should come off. If not you should be able to replace it

brighthair Mon 30-May-11 16:33:35

I picked one up from Homebase and it was a pretty big roll too and cost a couple of quid. Mine was hard to find though as it fits in the door not over it IYSWIM

bubblecoral Mon 30-May-11 19:50:55

Thanks for the replies and reccommendations.

I didn't realise that it was so cheap! Replacing it seems like a much more attractive option now.

It does come off but bleach, which is my usual saviour, just doesn't work!

Thanks again smile

brightermornings Mon 30-May-11 19:53:40

I've just bought some off ebay. I have the same problem. Thank you everyone.

missmakesstuff Mon 30-May-11 19:58:53

Can this be replaced in a folding scree d'y think? ours is horrible, starting to crack, and mouldy, the screen is fine though. wouldn't want to replace the whole thing.

DirtyMartini Mon 30-May-11 20:03:53

We have a folding version too, missmakesstuff. I would love to replace it! Our mold goes pink confused and although we can clean it off with Dettol mildew stuff, it is now starting to crack and degrade.

Must look for replacement version.

DirtyMartini Mon 30-May-11 20:04:16

(I mean I would love to replace the strip thing, not the screen -- like you)

missmakesstuff Mon 30-May-11 20:50:40

just found this - and think ours slides out - might give it a go, for a fiver.

folding seal

they also say they will accept returns if it's not right, so worth a try!

We get the pink mould, its really odd. also in the sealant round the bath, is horrible, although I bleach often, it keeps coming back.

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