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I've promised a 4 hour spring to go about it??

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Welsummer Fri 27-May-11 23:21:46

Sorry in advance if this is a daft query!

My daughter's preschool are holding a promises auction and as I have no particular skills/holiday home to offer but a love of houserwork I have offered a 4 hour spring clean. I need to make up a voucher to give to the successful bidder but what do I put on it.....should I use their products or take my own? What chores do you reckon are reasonable to be achieved in this time, obviously dependent on the state of the house?

Many thanks!

Bohica Fri 27-May-11 23:31:29

Good idea! I'm having a spring clean next week with a local cleaning company, £85 & I declined inside kitchen cupboard cleaning.

Starting from the top of the house, all floors hooverd, swept & mopped - delete when appropriate.
All rooms dusted, skirting boards & woodwork washed down & all glass/mirrors cleaned.

Stairs hand swept (hard brush) & handrail washed down.

All downstairs woodwork, glass & mirrors washed/polished. All floors swept, hoovered and/or mopped.

Bathrooms including walls & floors worked on.

I would bring your own materials incase something is missing which prevents you carrying out a task.

Good luck.

Welsummer Sat 28-May-11 22:01:01

Many thanks, such useful advice! Am slightly concerned people will be bidding on a promise by a SAHM who loves cleaning as opposed to a professional cleaning company! Any particular products you recommend...I tend to use Ecover for most chores and Ecloths but am aware not everyone will find them effective dependent upon state of the house....

stickylittlefingers Sat 28-May-11 22:06:14

Welsummer - I wouldn't worry too much about professional/non-professional. I've had a few different cleaners work in my house, and the best have been those who treat it more like their own home, rather than going round doing the minimum (or rather, what I do in my own home! blush). Also, it's just great having someone else doing the cleaning!

I'd love to win your prize smile

Bohica Sat 28-May-11 22:12:03

nowt more professional than a sahm with a love for her work grin

Take your own products & ask if the home owner would prefer you to use certain products in certain rooms, I personally like to use mr sheen & a yellow cloth in my bedroom & some down stairs rooms but DD3 is asthmatic so I use wipes in her room & any other rooms she plays in during the day.

State of the house? Surely a complete lazy arse wouldn't bid on a school mum to get them to clean their hovel?

How funny, sorry, you could become the new kim & aggy grin

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