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Vacuum storage bags - any good?

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bessie26 Fri 27-May-11 22:26:26

I'm looking for something to store the DDs baby clothes in for a couple of years (just incase we need them again!) & wondered if these actually work?

I've previously used these storage bags, but the fabric rips when DH is manhandling carefully getting them in/out of the loft.

coansha Fri 27-May-11 23:53:57

Yes, we move a fair bit and have used them in the packing boxes too for duvets, pillows etc and then for clothes/blankets in the home.
They are great and will say pay for good ones, as are better quality and will last longer. Its amazing what you can fit in.
When I had my DD's I did the same but labelled for age & season so didnt have to open and root through which was lucky as then 2 BF's went on to have girls and we swapped clothes between us, saved a mint if you have a trusted BF.
My only tips is not to overfill as the can pop, use the line marked on the bag.

DioneTheDiabolist Fri 27-May-11 23:56:15

They are brilliant. I store old clothes and seasonal duvets in them. They save so much space.

eidsvold Fri 27-May-11 23:56:42

have used them for a number of years to store excess linen, summer duvets etc. I love them

bessie26 Sat 28-May-11 11:05:36

Many thanks for your replies, I'll get some this weekend & get packing!!

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