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De-cluttering hell

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TiredMule Fri 27-May-11 14:23:19

HELP! I just can't do it sad

I've tried so hard, I start well (well not that well really as it only takes a few mins before I get stuck!) and then it goes wrong. I end up with piles of crap that I don't know what to do with. My big problem is the guilt I feel about stuff ending in landfill. Big things-toys, clothes etc I can manange in theory! it all the bits. How do I do it? I really want to. I really NEED to. I just can't. Then the piles of crap just end up being put back and I get nowhere. It really is time to crack this. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

How do you do it? How can I learn grin

Beamur Fri 27-May-11 14:27:24

You can do it. It might even be fun...sort of.
Pick a room, or even just a bit of a it - a corner or a cupboard.
Get some bags or boxes and sort - rubbish/recycling/charity shop/selll.
Take the stuff you're dumping to the tip immediately and drop any stuff of for charity - easy way to make progress.
Freecycle/freegle websites are good ways of off loading things that are still in reasonable condition, plus you can ask people to come and get it from you.
If you really don't know what to do with the 'bits' - if they aren't useful or beautiful then throw them away.

TiredMule Fri 27-May-11 14:32:02

But I feel so guilty just throwing stuff........all the stuff that can be re-homed is fine it's the other stuff. I just need to get over it but I can't.

It's SO hard! Especially with a 4yr old and 19month old 'helping'

BranchingOut Fri 27-May-11 14:37:53

Firstly, can you see a pattern to what all the 'bits' are?

If there are several frequently occurring categories of 'bit' then make them their own storage place or find a system to deal with them.

Try the 1 in 3 rule - out of three things, you must rehome or recycle one of them.

Storage. Get ye to IKEA for some storage boxes. Big ones for big bits. Lots of little ones for little bits. If you can find a category of stuff, label up a box for it.

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