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Baby wee on the carpet

(7 Posts)
breatheslowly Wed 18-May-11 18:03:39

DD has just gone a bit too free range and weed on the carpet. I have blotted with kitchen roll until I couldn't get any more out. What do I need to do next? Thanks!

AngelDog Wed 18-May-11 20:23:02

Rinse with cold water & mop up. Then you can use some detergent if you like - I often use a bit of washing up liquid.

breatheslowly Wed 18-May-11 21:10:20

Excellent, thanks.

apple99 Thu 19-May-11 15:53:33

Dd weed on the carpet loads when we potty trained her. Like you I used to blot until no more came out and then rinse with a mix of water and dettol. No stains and no wee smell so must have worked.

peachybums Thu 19-May-11 22:32:40

Sprinkle with bicarb, this will get smells out and wont harm baby

krisskross Thu 19-May-11 22:34:38

god i think we just blotted and forgot about it.....i dont think the house smells blush

pollymere Thu 09-Jun-11 19:26:51

I blot up as much as I can and then use a 'pure' baby wipe to scrub the area. This also works on soft toys (they come later with night time training!)

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