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sew, seamstress or new dress?

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mollysmum82 Tue 03-May-11 13:19:06

I have a dress which I absolutely adore and is perfect in every way except the seam on the cuff has started to come away, leaving a gaping hole. I also have a dress that needs taking in and the straps adjusting. I googled seamstresses for where I live but had no luck so I wondered if people just didn't use them any more? Do you do your own sewing (and if so do you have any tips?) or can you suggest where to look for someone? I'm determined to take care of my clothes for longer and not keep buying throwaway fashion!

Many thanks

Mandy2003 Tue 03-May-11 17:53:13

Have a look in your local newsagents or wherever you see the greatest concentration of ads on cards. Also, many independent dry cleaners do repairs and alterations.

Conserve Tue 03-May-11 20:28:42

Various places you can try:
Shops that sell fabric and sewing supplies have notice boards up.
Sewing machine repair shops know who sews and where they are.
Dry Cleaning Shops may have a resident seamstress.
Local Clothes Shops take cards from local seamstresses.
Newsagents boards.
Those directories compiled for local areas which are given out free.
Curtain makers will also do clothes repairs and alterations.

There are plenty of seamstresses around but the majority don't advertise on a large scale. Usually they combine other work in order to earn a living wage.

Whereabouts are you? Perhaps someone on here could suggest someone.
I know of one in Birmingham who collects and delivers too.

Xiaoxiong Tue 03-May-11 22:13:49

Our lovely neighbour in London can do little repairs like this, but she also does copies of clothes you love, and designs lovely bespoke clothes at high street prices. She's taken in and let out dresses for me, hemmed trousers and is always sewing my and DH's buttons on because we are both rubbish at it. (I've ordered a custom made mac from her because none of the ones in the shops fit my proportions - if they don't gape around the chest, they overwhelm me elsewhere.) You can PM me if you want her details.

MrsOliverQueen Wed 04-May-11 13:55:31

Or, if you can, chat up the ladies in Jager, Hobbs, Austin Reed or similar and see if they will give you the number of the dressmakers that they use, they will probably only use the best in the area for thier alterations.

mollysmum82 Sat 28-May-11 20:18:59

Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone, £14 for two dresses at our local dry cleaners and very impressed with the results. Now I have the excuse I need to buy expensive clothes....

Thanks for the offer for PM tyelperion but unfortunately we're in the Midlands!

Cekalo01 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:56:51

I am the brides mother and desperate to find someone to inset some sleeves for a dress I have bought. I’d be very grateful if you can let me have your wonderful seamstress details.
Many thanks

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