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If your house is calling May Day, do not fear: May's Fledgling Flyers are here

(877 Posts)
LinzerTorte Sat 30-Apr-11 07:23:33

Welcome to the May edition of the Fledgling Flyers' thread. Thank you to Nettie for her splendid leadership of last month's thread.

If you're living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), this is the thread for you! We follow the tips on the FlyLady website in an attempt to restore order to our homes, but advise against signing up for the e-mails; all the information you need is on this thread.

Each day, I'll be posting the links that will enable you to do any of the following:

- start or repeat baby steps

- repeat babysteps and do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone


- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

More information about the babysteps is here.

So please join us - there's always plenty of chat, tea, cake, encouragement and the occasional wine to help us on our way!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Sat 30-Apr-11 07:28:02

I'm in!

NettieSpaghetti Sat 30-Apr-11 08:38:58

Me too grin

BlueEyeshadow Sat 30-Apr-11 09:27:16

Marking my spot. Thanks for leading Linzer, and thanks for doing a great job for April Nettie. smile

PositiveAttitude Sat 30-Apr-11 09:30:03

<<slides in and pretends she hasn't just had a month off fat-fairydom>>


Hi all marking my spot to get back on the wagon......

Stillchuckingit Sat 30-Apr-11 12:14:35

Love the new title!!

Waves back to PA !!

Just posted on April thread to apologise for being awol. Inundated by visitors atm.

Thank you so much for running May thread Linzer - VERY good of you!!

Nettie you have done sterling work in April keeping everyone on the straight and narrow!!

Just wanted to confirm that I will indeed be happy to run thread in June.

See you soon (prob Tues!!). Looking forward to catching up with what everyone has been doing!

scattyspice Sat 30-Apr-11 14:12:56

Thanks linzer
Just flying by. Got back from Whitby just now. Had a fabulous week smile (sea, sancastles, fish and chips, boat trips, steam trains, coastal walks, ruined Abbey, fossils, lots of picnics grin).

Hope all well and are enjoying the bank holidays. Thanks for last month Nettie.

Stillchuckingit Sat 30-Apr-11 17:42:55

Your holiday sounds lovely Scatty

Just linking other thread here in case anyone knows how to solve this problem.

janeyjampot Sat 30-Apr-11 17:50:16

Joining new thread with the hope of rediscovering zeal I had early in April, which rather waned once the holidays kicked in smile

Thank you for leading through April, Nettie, and for volunteering to do May, Linzer.

droitwichmummy Sat 30-Apr-11 18:09:11

Mind if I sidle back in? I have brew and biscuit...

CyberwebCinders Sat 30-Apr-11 19:02:21


I lurve



goes off to stuff homemade cookies
in a semi clean
if semi trashed kitchen..

LinzerTorte Sat 30-Apr-11 20:03:44

Lovely to see some familiar names returning to the fold - welcome back DWM and good to see you again too PA.
biscuit always welcome - and homemade ones sound yummy Cinders.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your holiday scatty; it sounded great and I feel quite homesick reading about it.

janey I'm also hoping to rediscover my Flying zeal this month and that leading the thread might help. grin

Back in a moment with tomorrow's babystep.

LinzerTorte Sat 30-Apr-11 20:05:23

Sorry, forgot to say - waves to WhoKnows, Nettie, Blue and anyone else lurking.

LinzerTorte Sat 30-Apr-11 20:17:09

Tomorrow's babystep is to shine your sink - there are detailed instructions here. I find this is one of the babysteps that's really worth doing as once my sink is shiny, it motivates me to start tidying up the rest of the kitchen.

There's no mission as it's the weekend. Sunday is Renew Your Spirit day; there are a few ideas on how to do so here.

ilythia Sat 30-Apr-11 20:29:19

Um. Can I come in?
I am finding it harder than normal now I am studying, nto that I ever did anything as a SAHM. DH and I had another fight earlier about the state of our bedroom and how 'he has nowhere for his stuff cos there is crap everywhere' charming I'm surehmm

But anyway. I did start flying awhile ago but the emails did my head in and I blocked her blush

So yes. shiny sink? can do. I suppose. like, now?

And I really need to sort my bedroom, I have ooh, an hour tomorrow? Any ideas where to start?

LinzerTorte Sat 30-Apr-11 20:51:27

Welcome ilythia - jump on board! Theoretically you don't have to start shining your sink until tomorrow, but it's always nice to come down to a shiny sink in the morning and would get the month off to a good start. smile

Re the bedroom - how about setting a timer for 15 minutes and then working on one particular thing, e.g. putting all your clothes away, decluttering one drawer, picking everything up off the floor? Then set your timer for another 15 minutes and focus on a different area of your bedroom, and so on for as long as you want to keep going. NB FlyLady would probably advise against burning out and that you should only try to do 15 minutes at a time, but if you feel inspired to do more, why not? grin

Stillchuckingit Sat 30-Apr-11 23:21:00

Yay, my "mummy" is back!! Good to see you Droitwich!!

Waves madly again to PA and everyone else ...

A warm welcome to thread Ilythia

LinzerTorte Sun 01-May-11 05:41:32

Morning all,

I was interested to see that this month's focus is Moving in May, as I bought my running shoes yesterday so am rapidly running out of excuses! As expected, it was a bit of a disappointing experience; I went to the sports shop thiking I would get a proper fitting, but all the assistant did was tell me about the merits of the various trainers, ask which type of ground I'd be running on and watch while I tried the shoes on. The pair he recommended cost €130. shock I ended up buying the only pair that cost under €100, which fortunately were quite comfortable, but still cost a ridiculous amount considering that they weren't properly fitted. Or indeed fitted at all. DH kept rolling his eyes and has made me swear that I won't give up running after just a few weeks. I do miss British shops.

Talking of British shops, we're off to M&S and possibly Tesco as soon as everyone else is up. As those of you who were on the last thread may remember, this is DH's idea of a suitable trip for our wedding anniversary. hmm But he's also suggested that we all go out for breakfast first, so I forgive him. I'm particularly looking forward to a slap-up anniversary meal in the M&S cafe - but should I go for a jacket potato or a toasted sandwich? Decisions decisions.

LiveLong Sun 01-May-11 05:56:41

Ooh, can I join in, please? I'd prefer 15 minutes of fame really, but I think my house needs me more! smile

LinzerTorte Sun 01-May-11 06:07:21

Hi Livelong, you're very welcome to join us. If you have any questions, just ask. smile

elliepac Sun 01-May-11 07:14:54

I'm in!

MOrning all! Busy day here yesterday. DC's having a whale of a time swimming, sandcastle building and generally running about in the sea air! DD is possibly feeling too at home. Stood doing the washng up yesterday, I noticed the caravan door was open, wondered what DD was doing so called her. 'I'm outside Mummy' came the reply. I looked outside to see her squatting, her bottom half naked as the day she was born, about to do a wee shock, in full view of anyone/everyone! SHe was desperate apparently! Lord know what the neighbours must have thought!

dwm how lovely to see you return to the fold! Hope things are well with you. SC* is very chuffed to have her mummy back grin. And good to see you too *pa.

makingchanges in order to use your i-phone as a modem you need to ring your network to set up 'internet tethering'. It costs about £5 a month. They will then talk you through how to set it up. On my phone I just go to General, then Network and in there I have an option called Personal Hotspot which i turn on. You then just plug into your laptop via your usb charger and off you go! Obviously it depends on phone signal. Here I can't get 3G and a pretty rubbish reception but I am still managing to get on to the internet even if it is slow! Worth the £5 if you spend quite a bit of time at your caravan. We are here at ours all school holidays and at least one other weekend every month if not more so worth it!

Welcome to the madness to livelong and ilythia smile.

I know I have said it on the other thread but a huge thank you to nettie for April. You did a fabulous job! And thank you to linzer for taking on May, and sc for agreeing to do June! As I said I am also quite happy to do July.

Linzer Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip to M&S, it wants to be a nice breakfast! And as for lunch, I would go for a jacket potato myself, it's my favourite anniversary meal wink.

Anyway, better go and get on with breakfast. Full English today!

Have a good day everyone!

CyberwebCinders Sun 01-May-11 07:34:23

Have a great day Linzer

waves to all

heads back to


Think Im going to search out some paint and slap in on the

bobbinogs Sun 01-May-11 07:35:30

Hi, can I join in. I need help getting beyond the everyday wiping and hoovering and down to the nitty gritty. Feel like i'm rearranging deckchairs on the titanic sometimes. Going to find out how to shine my sink now. I have never done such a thing before!

NettieSpaghetti Sun 01-May-11 07:40:12

Good morning lovely shinty new thread. Lovely to see you all.

I'm going to get down to business and post my list.

Get up/dressed/hair/dc dressed
Hang washing out
Sink shining
Put washing on
Dishwasher empty
Make chicken curry in slow cooker
Visit in laws, remember to pick up flowers and hat
Back home for ocado delivery.
Packing Me for Blackpool and everyone for scotland! Must make headway on this today
Tidy toys [4 day in list blush]
Sweep floors
If time change bedding.
Empty bins

Right off back to sleep for an hour as it's my turn for a lie in.

Have a lovely day everyone grin

CyberwebCinders Sun 01-May-11 07:43:43

Tis impossible to shine my sink

tis brown

I say



oh well must come out of hiding
and achieve a few things

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