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Enjo, e-cloths or bog-standard microfibre?

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Ellie4 Wed 27-Apr-11 18:46:09

I have liked the idea of Enjo cloths for a while and am thinking of hosting a party but i was looking on here and saw info re e-cloths and other microfibre cloths.
Enjo cost considerably more than others. Are they worth the money? Is there any difference between e-cloths and other microfibre ones? Another factor is how many different cloths do you need? ie will one cloth do all of the kitchen or do I need several different ones to clean different areas?
Lastly I like the idea of using one cloth for cleaning a surface rather than using one to clean and another to finish or dry it.

vanillamum Thu 28-Apr-11 21:11:07

I have all your questions too, surely someone knows..

AngelDog Thu 28-Apr-11 23:00:43

I've not tried e-cloths or Enjo but I'm interested in the idea of one cloth rather than two. My m/f cloths need water to work, then I use a drying m/f cloth afterwards.

They're great for wiping round the bathroom with on a daily basis - I do the sink while my toddler plays in it, and I don't need to worry about chemicals. He also enjoys wielding one.

I use the same sponge-sort for kitchen, bathroom and glass, and the same drying sort to finish off. The glass polishing sort is good if you want a really, really, really shiny finish, but tbh the normal drying sort is good enough for me.

In the bathroom I use two - pink for the sink & blue for the loo. The kitchen has two - one for surfaces and appliances, and another for the floor.

Mine were cheapo ones from the pound shop. grin

Cathycat Thu 28-Apr-11 23:50:14

Are you salespeople for cloths or do you really enjoy talking about them?

MayBankHoliday Fri 29-Apr-11 15:35:40

I've never heard of Enjo but e-cloths are very good. I don't think you need too many, just obviously different ones for kitchen/bathroom etc. and separate floor cloths.

MayBankHoliday Fri 29-Apr-11 15:36:05

And separate toilet cloth and window/glass cloths also.

vanillamum Sun 01-May-11 21:38:04

Cathycat, seriously I am not a sales person, just interested (and obv quite sad)

Cathycat Sun 01-May-11 22:42:10

Happy cloth-ing then!

vanillamum Sun 01-May-11 23:20:32


PlentyOfPrimroses Sun 08-May-11 20:29:43

I'm resurrecting this fascinating thread as I have a couple of questions about these cloths. I have a big pile of £ shop ones in a variety of colours and I have no idea whether they're all general purpose or whether the colours and weaves are meant for different things. I have ...

- fluffy green ones
- fluffy pink ones
- fluffy grey shiny ones
- blue waffle [snurk] weave ones

any ideas?

Also, does anybody know if there are surfaces they shouldn't be used for? I have a couple of antique mirrors and I'm worried about them leaving microscratches.

<stands with other sad people and hands round very shiny bottle of gin>

stofstg Sun 08-May-11 21:21:06

i try and use kitchen or loo roll to wipe the surfaces although i have the bog standard clothes ready for stubbon cleaning.

Conserve Tue 10-May-11 10:47:44

They are colour-coded for the user to avoid cross contamination.
I think they are all made the same. As Angeldog says : Pink for Sink, Blue for Loo, and you could have eg Green for Screens/Glass, anything you like.

Should be ok for antique mirrors.

Sad? Me? No way. I like to do a proper job, right first time then get on and do the things I love better. Dont have time to faff around and I think these cloths are good. Cheers for the gin.

Marsandbenny Fri 17-Feb-17 07:35:29

This may be too late in the day but Enjo is AWESOME. I'm not a salesperson for them. I discovered Enjo while living in New Zealand. No chemicals, just cold water. They have cloths that can take that layer of grime off the cooker hood in a few minutes with just cold water and leave it cleaner than anything else I've tried. Ditto cleaning windows with just cold water and no smears. My husband was v sceptical until the day my friend (who was an Enjo rep) turned up with her whole demonstration kit to help us clean our house before moving. She sent him outside to clean the gas BBQ (it was in a horrible state) with a mitt and cold water. And it came up pristine. Expensive yes, in a different league from other microfibre cloths, also yes.

specialsubject Sat 18-Feb-17 09:48:33

Cold water is a chemical.

Evidence that these are any different from other artificial fibres, apart from being sold via mlm??

Robophobia Fri 21-Apr-17 13:35:42

I went to my first demo a couple of weeks ago. Came home and used my cheaper microfibre cloths (ecloth and a non branded one) in the same way enjo suggest (cold water, dry it after) and it worked in exactly the same way. The prices are actually astronomical £27 for a cloth shock! If we are to take the Issue of micro fibre particles being shed in the wash seriously I very much doubt if the deep pile of enjo cloths will do them any favours in that department.

Theworst Sat 22-Apr-17 19:40:11

I was watching a youtube cookery channel that I have been following for a while and then the host popped up flogging Norwex cloths. Another MLM. She was giving a demo on how to clean with these amazing products and had heaps of different types. Travel-sized kitchen cloths anyone?

I have e cloths and Lidl's own cloths and the ecloths are 10x the price of the lidl ones. They are cloths. That's it really.

I can't believe anybody would spend £27 on a cloth! Can't believe I am posting on a zombie thread about cloths either.

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