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Is there any such thing as truly non-iron bedding?

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Tia4 Fri 22-Apr-11 10:50:18

Morning everyone! I am about to renew the bedding in each room and it really would make a huge difference to me not to have to iron any of it (duvet cover especially). I know there may be shouts of "don't iron any of it!" but I admit to loving the bed to look really smart. I have been advised that patterned bedding doesn't show creases as much but I find myself hankering after cream I don't mind paying more for great quality if necessary.

Am hoping some of you out there have truly found the ultimate!


champagnesupernova Fri 22-Apr-11 13:10:08

Depends what's important to you - polycotton won't need ironing but it feels horrible and goes bobbly v quickly (as i've learned from buying a sheet for DS from Tesco as was desp for one)
100% cotton will always need ironing imho
Or you can be like me, only iron the pillowcases and get a bedspread.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 22-Apr-11 13:11:43

You don't have to iron bedding at all. Its not the law.

Tia4 Fri 22-Apr-11 14:04:35

Ha ha! I just knew the "don't have to iron bedding at all" opinion would pop up ... made me smile! I wouldn't want stuff that goes bobbly and was trying to get away from a bedspread or throw which I use at the moment so I guess my search is still on.

Thanks to both of you for replying though


loveruthwatson Fri 22-Apr-11 14:08:15

We have 100% cotton bedding and we don't iron it. Duvet fills out the duvet cover fine (we have embroidered or striped seersucker duver covers), and fitted sheets stretch out creases. Really not something we care about but nobody except us sees our bedroom!

loveruthwatson Fri 22-Apr-11 14:10:06

- they DO NOT SHOW CREASES. The tension in the material makes them look really fresh and smart all the time.

Ours are blue/white but I do recommend seersucker.

Tia4 Fri 22-Apr-11 15:05:55

Ooh thank you! Seersucker sounds great and the type of fresh look I'm after for two of the rooms ... will check that out


noddyholder Fri 22-Apr-11 15:08:01

White looks lovely crumpled

Thingumy Fri 22-Apr-11 15:34:19

I have this

Ikea bed linen doesn't crease that much I find (and thepatterned covers hide it anyways)

noddyholder Fri 22-Apr-11 15:36:08

I have that too! It is my only non white bed linen and it is great quality for teh price and looks really vintage irl. Ikea is the best for 100% cotton at a good price.

Thingumy Fri 22-Apr-11 15:42:38

Great choice Noddy grin

I agree you can't beat Ikea Cotton duvets.I have this one too and after 4 years, it still looks like new

I bought ds a organic cotton duvet from Habitat and the quality is nowhere near the same as ikeas.

noddyholder Fri 22-Apr-11 15:57:01

I never buy anything else now its fab.

Tia4 Fri 22-Apr-11 15:58:44

Hadn't even considered Ikea! I really love the look of those. They all look really smart


bedlinendirect Wed 16-May-12 00:07:00

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

tostaky Fri 18-May-12 07:25:17

i am considering buying this Muji
i saw it in a shop and it looks much better than on the pic, it is soft and fresh-looking, looks quite modern too.

GiveTheAnarchistACigarette Fri 18-May-12 08:19:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tostaky Fri 18-May-12 08:23:13

Ah! I didn't realise that!!! blush

SparkyToo Mon 21-May-12 13:00:47

I agree with loveruthwatson that seersucker (100% cotton) is great as doesn't need ironing - just doesn't show the creases. One of my sons has this blue and cream seersucker bedding on his bed, but it also comes in natural.

amybacket Mon 10-Oct-16 11:22:34

I believe pure polyester bedding didn't need ironing, because I believe polyester is thick .I recently bought a polyester bedding a and its been a month and didn't even come near to the need of iroing

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