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New washing machine - timer delay function?

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deliakate Wed 13-Apr-11 10:49:53

Am looking at a few models and hoping to get a Miele. I would love timer delay so that I could shove a load in before I go to bed, and have it nice and clean in the morning ready to hang out before I leave the house, but not smelly having stayed wet all night. Timer delay doesn't come as standard on Miele until near the top of the range - ie. vv pricey.

Which would you choose - a great brand with proven great washing results, or a slightly cheaper brand (eg. Bosch) with a timer delay function?

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 13-Apr-11 10:51:51

It's very useful, id go for the timer option

WelliesAndPyjamas Wed 13-Apr-11 10:58:10

Assuming the machine won't wake you up when it comes on in the night, then timer function sounds clever.

stream Wed 13-Apr-11 10:59:00

Timer option.

What's so good about the Miele?

Gipfeli Wed 13-Apr-11 11:07:46

Timer is very very useful. But we have a Miele with this function and I don't think it was near the top of the range (although we don't live in UK and product ranges can be different). I think the W 1945 Eco has it and that's towards the bottom of the Miele cost scale I believe (still expensive of course....)

That said my parents have a Bosch and that seems to be pretty good too, so if I couldn't have the Miele with the timer, I probably would go for a Bosch with timer rather than Miele without timer.

soppypreggyloon Wed 13-Apr-11 12:16:57

I've just got a Bosch with a timer. It only arrived at 6pm year thi so haven't worked out timer yet. It was £338 in John Lewis (can't remember model no)
I'd have liked a miele but they are twice the price!

soppypreggyloon Wed 13-Apr-11 12:17:43

Year thi should read yesterday


neverontime Wed 13-Apr-11 12:26:36

i have an indesit with a timer delay and it was pretty cheap, but it is a great washing machine.

soppypreggyloon Wed 13-Apr-11 12:40:25

neverontime my dead one was an indesit. it managed less than 6 years of iffy service before it spewed its foamy guts all over my kitchen. hope yours lives longer!

neverontime Wed 13-Apr-11 12:57:05

omg shock
i hope so too!

what problems should i look out for?

rubyrubyruby Wed 13-Apr-11 13:00:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FreeButtonBee Wed 13-Apr-11 13:04:54

I have a Miele without a timer and love it. Had it three years without an inkling of a problem. I find that provided you don't overfill it, the washing is fine in the morning but I know some people are fussy about that.

teta Wed 13-Apr-11 13:06:29

I have an LG Direct Drive with a timer delay and am really pleased with it.Newer technology means the wash is much quieter and drum is very stable plus the machine is meant to last longer [ compared to my old hotpoint which sounded like Silverstone racetrack].

GwendolineMaryLacey Wed 13-Apr-11 13:08:21

I have a Hotpoint with a timer and I use it all the time. I'm very naughty though and use the ready to wear cycle a lot (it's a washer dryer). Very handy for realising at 11pm that you have no clothes for work the next day!

bemybebe Wed 13-Apr-11 13:30:36

Why don't you buy a Miele you want (no timer function) and one of the plug-in separate timers (they are 20-30 pounds if I remember right). If you need to move the plug, it is more tricky, but will still save you some money.

I want Miele because I think they are great machines and Miele has great customer service (not that I have used it a lot). My mum's Indesit on the other hand, has terrible reputation, but lasted her for 18 years until finally breaking down for good.

bemybebe Wed 13-Apr-11 13:33:32

I have "mielified" the house over the years (as my dh kindly puts it) with the exception of the washing machine and the dryer. I am now patiently waiting for them to die... [evil looks emoticon]

Smallstuff Wed 13-Apr-11 13:36:25

Have had two Boschs with timer delay both were excellent. I use it so I can do washing in night using cheap electricity. It finishes about 4am and is never smelly.

Sidge Wed 13-Apr-11 13:41:43

I have a timer delay on my John Lewis machine but rarely use it.

I often put a wash on as I'm going to bed, then hang it out in the morning. It's never smelly despite being in the washer for 6-8 hours overnight.

soppypreggyloon Wed 13-Apr-11 14:02:01

neverontime - the dial spinning uncontrolably was the first problem. Not really sure what killed it but with dc2 due in 10 days now was not the time to be messing with unreliable machines.

bemybebe Wed 13-Apr-11 14:17:05

Sidge time delay function is very useful if you have day/night meter (or economy 7 I think it is called). You pay a lot less for electricity and if you have a few appliances with this function (i have dishwasher and will get washing machine and dryer soon, i hope) it will bring a noticeable saving.

I do not think smell is an issue in our climate.

notcitrus Wed 13-Apr-11 14:26:18

I wanted the Bosch that was cheapest, MrNC talked me into getting the one with timer delay. 8 years later he's still reminding me that he was so right. Which admittedly he was - we use it a couple times a week now with nappies etc, so I can hang fresh washing out first thing in the morning.

They and towels do smell a bit if I don't hang up rapidly, and clothes get all creased.

I wouldn't bother with Miele over Bosch unless you've got loads of money - my parents now have Miele as it was in their new house already and it's no better.

Sidge Wed 13-Apr-11 14:26:37

bemybebe I can imagine that would help - I don't have variable charges on my electricity unfortunately but do try and only wash with a full load, hang it out etc. It does add up using so many appliances!

bemybebe Wed 13-Apr-11 14:37:38

The thumbs up for Miele over Bosch from me especially if you get their 10 year free parts and labour guarantee. I never needed to use it iwth Miele (well, only once with my induction hob). i am super annoyed with Bosch tumble dryer, which started breaking a few days out of it 2 or 3 year guarantee and it throws something small every year or so (30-50pounds cost is just not enough to justify throwing the bugger away. however, i really think i am unlucky with it. my other bosch appliances (no longer here) lasted a lot longer. one just can never tell...

Celibin Sat 16-Apr-11 00:34:12

I wonder if they do such a thing as a timer switch which you can plug in somewhere? I had one on my tumbler dryer and I seem to remember you load it and then set it and electricity comes on at a certain time I am looking round the house for it and if I find it I will let you know Yes washing at night saves on the bills as it is usually Economy 7

Celibin Sat 16-Apr-11 00:37:28

Found it called Lyvia Mine is years old so maybe a more modern one?

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