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Any wardrobe and set of drawers recommendations?

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BadgerBoy Fri 08-Apr-11 22:53:59

Hi all.

Any thoughts on good combos? Don't need the cot as hopefully getting Stokke.

My wife doesn't want ikea. Not sure why as it's fine for us in adult furniture.

Not sure why nursery furniture is more expensive when smaller than adult furniture...


WhatsWrongWithYou Fri 08-Apr-11 23:12:02

Aspace are good but much more £££ than Ikea.

newbeemummy Wed 13-Apr-11 09:10:46

Don't get Argos stuff, it was nice and cheap, but the drawers stick and the doors aren't cut straight.

Mama's and Papa's do some nice stuff, but I think it's more expensive than ikea

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