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Anyone got a magimix kettle?

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camflower Wed 23-Mar-11 12:58:38

my dualit has given up the ghost after six long, hard years and i'd quite like to get a magimix to replace it - mainly because they look good <<shallowemoticon>> - but they also happen to be the which second-best buy. trouble is i keep reading complaints about them leaking or the lid not working properly, which is not good for a £70-odd quid kettle. any views?

exhaustednurse Wed 23-Mar-11 15:15:53

I have one.

It's not worth the £70. I have had it for about three years, but after 6 months the lid became really stuck, and so you have to really push hard to get it open, and all the markings on the side where you can see how much water you have, have worn away.

I wouldn't recommend really.

cocopops Wed 23-Mar-11 15:17:54

I have one and have never had a problem with it in the 3/4 years we've had it.

Alouiseg Thu 24-Mar-11 06:56:36

I have one, the only problem is that the water level indicator is full of scale which won't go even when I descale the kettle.

camflower Sat 26-Mar-11 15:24:20

thanks for the replies - but left none the wiser! maybe i'll stick to our £10 homebase one for the time being - seems to boil the water ok!

MelinaM Sun 27-Mar-11 16:48:18

I have one too, had it just over a year now, no problems to report at all. The lid never sticks, quick to boil and looks lovely too! I descale it once a month.

moonbasepaddy Sat 08-Feb-14 20:27:01

So this is what you do. After years of lamenting the lids on these great kettles I have finally found the answer. You do NOT need to take the whole lid off. What you do is carefully prise the chrome top off the lid using a knife and being careful not to damage the rubber washer around the edge. This will expose the internal mechanism. It is too difficult to explain here how this mechanism works inside, but let's just say part of my lever was loose and I secured it with a tiny bit of gaffer tape. Snap the chrome top back on the lid making sure the rubber washer sticking out as before and it's job done. Unfortunately I had dismantled the entire kettle before I realised this and broke part of the handle so I may yet have to buy a new kettle. Please don't make the same mistake! Ladies you may like your man to do this while you quaff a G&T.

Lizzie7228 Mon 30-Jan-17 18:21:50

My Magimix brushed steel kettle failed after 7 years purely and simply because the flip up lid snapped at the hinge and I was unable to get it fixed. We are only a two person household so it didn't get that much use. I think if we had used it more it would have failed sooner. This all happened in November last year.

I replaced it with a similar model made by KitchenAid and after just 3-months use the lid failed to open so the supplier replaced it only for the second replacement to last three days prior to the same problem occurring.

I'm now looking for yet another similar kettle but an entirely different brand. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

trixymalixy Tue 31-Jan-17 16:45:58

I have one. We had it for a couple of years and the lid snapped off.

It was also incredibly heavy when full, so no i wouldn't recommend.

Hopefully Wed 01-Feb-17 05:31:08

We had three (or four?). We originally bought from John Lewis, and just kept getting given a replacement when the lid broke on each, after about a year. Heavy use household (5 people, someone at home every day), but it was still crazy. Wouldn't recommend!

FoolishFly Sun 05-Feb-17 09:49:08

The lid on our replaced under warranty kettle is firmly trapped down, who knows what's inside the thing, we fill it up via the spout. Been meaning to replace it for well over a year. It was an innocent visitor who lacked the gently lid closing coax necessary that did ours in. It's a very, well breed, highly strung
sensitive thing.

MsMoppet Sun 05-Feb-17 11:38:32

I've had one for 10yrs. Two person household and not big tea drinkers. It looks as good as new, works perfectly. I love it.

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