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To KitchenAid or not to KitchenAid...thhat is the question...??! HELP!

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misspollysdolly Sat 05-Mar-11 13:38:44

I suddenly find myself with the opportunity to purchase a KitchenAid food mixer (which I do really want...!) with 20% off the full price (Debenhams sale...10% off, plus if purchased with a store card - which I intend to pay off and then cancel...incurring a further 10% off)

...*BUT* I never (or hardly ever) buy anything that feels this extravagant for myself. So help me decide...Do I seriously treat myself to this? Are KitchenAids worth the cost...? Will I regret it once I have bought it...?! What would you do?

I have the money saved up, but it feel tremendously self-indulgent... confused MPD

valiumredhead Sat 05-Mar-11 13:42:15

I nearly bought one last year - my research ( talking to friends/googling/ FB! ) shows they looks REALLY pretty but 'aint all that' grin

I got a Kenwood instead - buy online as MUCH cheaper than in shops.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 05-Mar-11 14:54:03

It depends if you Do a lot of baking. I've got the kenwood chef but I do find it usefull. I couldn't afford the kitchenaid one, if their returns policy is good you could return if it's not good.

valiumredhead Sat 05-Mar-11 15:20:51

And the Kewwood comes with a blender - does the KA? Also there are LOADS of attatchments for the Kenwood and they are affordable, I expect the KA ones are a bit pricey.

bemybebe Sat 05-Mar-11 15:24:29

I absolutely LOVE mine. Maybe not the best value for money if you do not value the 'looks' (it is important to me though), but I cannot fault mine on performance, it is great!

pinkcushion Sat 05-Mar-11 15:45:24

In terms of performance I think the Kenwood is slightly more powerful but the KA beats it hands down in the looks dept. It's an object that is going to sit on your worktop as it's too bloody heavy to move very often - if looks are important to you get a KA if not get a Kenwood. smile

theyoungvisiter Sat 05-Mar-11 15:50:33

I love, love, love mine. And MIL (who has been a Kenwood devotee for 40+ years) recently used it and said that she was so impressed she would be swapping to KA when her Kenwood bites the dust.

But they are expensive. If you can afford it, get one, and at least they look lovely on the counter top (because let's face it, they are so bloody big you can't wait half a cupboard on them). If you have better things to spend your money on then get a kenwood and spend the spare cash on a new handbag grin

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 05-Mar-11 15:51:23

It depends if you think you will get the use out of it. They are great!

I adore mine, wouldn't be without it and have never regretted buying it once. It's great for bread, cakes and puds.

It sits on my worktop, a kenwood really wouldn't have looked right.


theyoungvisiter Sat 05-Mar-11 15:52:03

One v good thing about the KA (in my book anyway) is that they come with a metal mixing bowl which is great for rising dough, as you can put it in the oven without fear.

Having said that, I think you can now get Kenwoods with a metal bowl.

valiumredhead Sat 05-Mar-11 15:57:32

My Kenwood has a metal bowl - they have sexed them up a bit recently grin

olivertulliver Sat 05-Mar-11 17:02:19

I love my Kitchen Aid. I have an aversion to things on worktops, but this is one of the very few things in our kitchen that's allowed to be out!

I also have the KA blender, and between the two of them, they can do pretty much anything.

ilovemykitchenaid Sat 05-Mar-11 17:47:37

You will see from my name that i love my Kitchen aid and use it 3 or more times a week.

I have also bought the ice cream maker attachement for it and the mincer and sausage stuffer.

Its worth every penny and looks good too.

theyoungvisiter Sat 05-Mar-11 19:33:26

ooo icecream maker? [cocks head]

Pray tell me more...?

exhaustednurse Sat 05-Mar-11 20:12:15

I love mine too. I would say though, that unless you have the room to leave it out on the work surface, than I would not bother. It's so heavy, that it would be a real faff getting it in and out of a cupboard.

I have the ice cream maker attachment too. Works well, but you do have to have the bowl in the freezer for sometime before hand. I have a smallish freezer, so can just leave it in there all the time. Means I need to be organised and plan when I make ice cream.

theyoungvisiter Sat 05-Mar-11 20:47:13

Ahh... I see. I thought perhaps you plugged it in. Still... a tempting thought for the summer!

JojoLapin Sat 05-Mar-11 20:54:55

Kitchen Aid all the way! It is a great machine and you will not regret it.

mellie64 Sun 06-Mar-11 20:16:41

i decided to get a kenwood chef, the kitchen aid looks great i have been very tempted BUT the kenwood has a much bigger motor (i have the titanium) it has a metal bowl, glass liquidiser and food processor attachment for the top included, i also have bought the mincer and pasta maker attachments and i use them alot, i have also ordered the ice cream maker. i mince in batches and freeze it, i also make sausages with it, its really quick and easy to clean. my children have a great laugh making pasta. its also fantastic at making bread, i use the kenwood daily to make bread etc and love it. i bought mine for £250 half price from amazon. the attachments are also cheaper on amazon. i am going to order the multi mill as well.

misspollysdolly Sun 06-Mar-11 22:13:25

Thank you for all your responses! It has been lovely to read through them.

Ok, so I a now a proud owner of a beautiful red KitchenAid grin which is sitting on my worktop and gleaming! And I am now feeling absolutely overwhelmed and terrified by it...where do I start??! Help! WHat shall I make or do first...? The thing no longer comes with a recipe book angry so it's me, my KitchenAid and a cupboard full of baking ingredients... confused

Tips would be ever so welcome! MPD

theyoungvisiter Sun 06-Mar-11 22:21:51

mine is red! It's the best colour grin

I would make cupcakes first - they make gorgeous quick cupcakes that rise like a dream (make sure the butter is soft and the eggs are room temperature)

And then bread dough - if your oven has a dough function then just put the whole bowl in to rise the dough, then return to beat it down.

And then meringues. That will allow you to use every single attachment - cake, dough hook and whisk grin

OOOOO you will have so much fun!

theyoungvisiter Sun 06-Mar-11 22:23:06

I don't think it ever came with a recipe book - did it?

But Nigella uses her kitchen aid for absolutely everything so you could practically use her books as their official recipe guide wink

FIFIBEBE Sun 06-Mar-11 22:34:26

I recently got one in Harrods sale - Graphite grey or something. Had to send away for free recipe book which I have since sold on eBay. I make lots of cakes and the KA has been great. I can put butter in straight from the fridge with sugar and it creams beautifully. Eggs whisk quickly and icing is super quick. Have not tried bread. It looks fabulous. However stuff still whizzes out of it so it has to be moved to clean around it etc. I find attaching the whisk fiddly and it really did cost a fortune. Have slight purchase regret. Will look forward to what others think.

JojoLapin Sun 06-Mar-11 22:36:14

Good for you, you went for it! Mine specialises in chocolate cakes!!!

Lulie110 Mon 07-Mar-11 00:22:31

Too late for OP, but I am weighing in on the side of the Kenwood. Mine (as Mellie's) was bought 1/2 price on Amazon, comes with a glass liquidiser, a food processor and a metal mixing bowl... AND a recipe book!!

I do love it, and use it loads. I also agonised over Kenwood vs. KA - it basically came down to prettiness vs cheaper but slightly bigger motor. I think it is a beaut though! And I was very pleased to spot it in Raymond Blanc's professional kitchen on telly.

OllieWollieWoo Mon 07-Mar-11 10:14:34

Lulie if you dont mind me asking, can you link to your Kenwood?!

Much as I would love a KA, I think I would use a Kenwood more. Mine would also be stored in cuboard due to v limited worktop space - if not I would get a KA - van, moi?!) - but faffing over which Kenwood model to go for!

mellie64 Mon 07-Mar-11 12:30:51

the one i have is
if you pop it in your basket it will tell you the price and if its gone up or down when you look at your basket, its dynamic pricing so can change quickly. i always put things i am considering in my basket and log in daily to see if its got to the price i will be prepared to buy it for. i love amazon.

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