Housekeeping tasks - weekly/ monthly/ yearly schedule anyone?!

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squashpie Tue 01-Mar-11 11:57:05

I'm feeling rather overwhelmed! I like things to be neat, clean and organized and yet they rarely are and then I feel out of controlconfused. I thought perhaps I ought to have lists so that I can know what/ when Ishould be doing something but the whole things seems so huge, I don't know where to begin. Does anyone else work to such things and, if so, would they be willing to share them?

TIA for any help!

Anonymousbird Tue 01-Mar-11 12:10:52

Come and see us on the Slatterns thread?? We all do lists, any type of list to get us through the day/week/month....

EVeryone's list is different, but you will get some good ideas from them all and be able, maybe, to create your own lists....

Slatterns are here

ditavonteesed Tue 01-Mar-11 12:16:22

here is my lists
keep kitchen nice

clean bathroom
wash towels
wash either ours or the kids beds (I know I should do it more often)
mop wooden floors
clean chickens out (obviously this os dwependent on you having chickens)

take food of and clean shelves on dresser thing

move furniture and hoover underneath.

I try to always keep the lounge nice and the dining table clear byut these are a constant battle.

I think my house is ok.

squashpie Tue 01-Mar-11 12:38:40

OMG my prayers have been answered. The slatterns thread looks brilliant! grin and thanks ditavonteesed for getting me started! My new list begins brew!

aPixieMomma Wed 02-Mar-11 22:43:34

I've got myself in a pretty good routine now actually.

Make beds
One wash load
Wipe over toilet first thing
Wipe over bathroom sink when cleaning teeth
Wipe over bath once out of shower
Wash dishes straight after every meal
Clean work surface
Sweep floor
Dust lounge
Hoover lounge and hallway

Patio doors
Change bedding
Wipe out fridge/freezer
Wipe over the cooker
Dust bedrooms
Hoover bedrooms sweep and mop bathroom floor
Mop kitchen floor
Give bathroom a good scrub

Pull all food out of kitchen cupboards and clean
Pull out all kitchen appliances and clean
Pull out all furniture and Hoover

The garden gets a good sort out.

peachybums Thu 03-Mar-11 13:04:05

I got my list from another childminder when i was childminding and it had tick boxes grin i loved it so much i still use it now! I have a PDF if anyone is interested? lol just send me ur email and il try find it on my PC somewhere as i just photocopy my list from a master one each week.

mogs0 Sat 05-Mar-11 22:06:36

Ooh, I'd like to see it please!

Can I see it too! thank you!

peachybums Sun 06-Mar-11 20:59:20

I cant find it on my PC but i do have a copy i photocopy, must get it on a wipe clean thingy so i dont have to copy it. If i can scan it in i will send it to you all

littlewater Sun 06-Mar-11 21:10:31

here's mine.
wash dishes, keep kitchen tidy, tidy downstairs

twice a week do washing

dust and hover all rooms well. hover underneath food shopping. Tidy up garden if time.

twice yearly
wash pillows, curtains, duvets, blankets,
wash out all cupboards and tidy them.
wash skirting boards plus marks on the wall
Clean all windows and doors inside and out
clean oven, defrost freezer and clean dishwasher

McDreamy Sun 06-Mar-11 21:12:48

Loving the sound of that can I have a copy? thank you smile

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