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BIMBLEBERRY Sun 20-Feb-11 16:32:50

Can anyone recommend a scented candle that actually emits a scent?

DrSeuss Sun 20-Feb-11 18:53:29

Fabreze Sandalwood

MordechaiVanunu Sun 20-Feb-11 18:56:10

all yankee candle ones.

Sandelwood and vanilla is my favourite.

notapizzaeater Sun 20-Feb-11 18:56:27

yankee candles

GentleOtter Sun 20-Feb-11 18:57:38

Asda grapefruit is pretty good. Two large candles for £5.

windcutter Sun 20-Feb-11 19:59:30

Yankee Candles - expensive, but they really do fill the whole room!

bluebump Sun 20-Feb-11 20:02:32

Yankee Candles here too. That or Prices.

fortyplus Sun 20-Feb-11 20:03:41

I had one from that company that sells via home parties. Partylights or something like that? Reall expensive but lasted ages

mamalovesmojitos Sun 20-Feb-11 20:09:28

yankee are great.

notapizzaeater Sun 20-Feb-11 20:57:36

I buy them when they are offer from here

nappydaysagain Mon 21-Feb-11 09:04:24

Partylite candles are lovely. My favourites are mulberry and apple orchard.

BelieveInLife Mon 21-Feb-11 13:20:22

Lily flame are gorgeous.

GabySolis Tue 22-Feb-11 20:11:19

all the yankee candles, they're all gorgeous!

Moodykat Tue 22-Feb-11 22:06:30

I have a Jamie at Home Scent and Savour candle in Fuji Apple or something...was £20 but lasts for ages and the smell really does permeate and smell bloody lovely!

belcantwait Tue 22-Feb-11 22:19:53

I second lilyflame they arelovely
Even make the room smell gorgeous without bring lit smile

peachybums Wed 23-Feb-11 14:58:50

Yankee candles here too! We love the tartlets as they seem to smell better and will scent the whole house if i leae the doors open (we live in a bungalow). My faves are clean cotton and sparkling lemon.

BinJeeta Wed 23-Feb-11 15:01:23

lily-flame from wickedthecandleshop

peeriebear Wed 23-Feb-11 15:05:35

Another vote for Yankee wax cakes here. Sage and Citrus smells like Burt's Bees cologne and is just lovely. Also love Greenhouse (fresh summery smell) and various cookie scented ones for pretending I've been baking!

Hairytoes Wed 23-Feb-11 17:29:20

Yankee tarts here too.
I have 3 I always have in the cupboard. 2 have been mentioned already Sage and Citrus, Sparkling Lemon and Orchard Pear.

peeriebear Wed 23-Feb-11 17:57:36

I wish we had a Yankee shop here! Our local garden centre is the only stockist that I know of and they don't hold a huge range or get many new ones in. The shop in the Derby westfield centre is fab, I spent ages in there boring the DDs with my 'smell this'

KarenC1 Wed 05-Oct-11 16:17:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Icelollycraving Fri 07-Oct-11 22:33:11

I use diptyque candles. Gorgeous!

amazonianwoman Sat 08-Oct-11 00:16:47

Yankee candles, but only the tartlets, not the normal candles.

Or Jo Malone if you have money to burn. Literally.

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