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Can anyone recommend a cleaner/agency in Kingston Upon Thames??

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HMTheQueen Thu 10-Feb-11 09:48:15

Hi all,

My friend/childminder has been having some issues with her cleaner not turning up, not phoning, and also leaving early. angry

So she's decided to get a different one. She got this one through a friend, and is a bit of a cleaner novice... so she wasn't really sure where to start looking for a new one. confused

Can anyone recommend anyone they know, or an agency that they use, who are reliable and efficient?

Thanks smile

andymb Fri 18-Feb-11 20:13:00


I live in kingston upon thames and have got an excelent cleaner via Premier London domestic agency.
They provided me with a italian cleaner which is just amazing.
I have had a couple of really bad experience previously, and was almost giving up in trying to find a good cleaner (that would understand why the kitchen sponge cannot be used in the bathroom for exemple... arggggg).
I would highly recommend them. excelent service.
The company contact phone number for kingston contracts is 07851831474.

Hope it helps!!!

Good Luck!!!

joy56 Sun 11-Nov-12 16:14:12

Hi there andymb. I just wondered if you're still pleased with your cleaner and would still recommend? Thanks j

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