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Can I wash kids shoes in the machine?

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lukewarmmama Sat 05-Feb-11 20:47:10

DD had a wee accident (literally) and her shoes (leather Clarks jobbies) are soaked through. Can I bung them in the washing machine or would that be an expensive error?

peachybums Sat 05-Feb-11 20:49:08

Do you have a special shoes setting on your washer? We do and ive put clarks in there before and they have been ok.

lukewarmmama Sat 05-Feb-11 21:11:44

A shoes setting???! No, never heard of that! Do you think a hand wash setting on low spin would do?

Carrotsandcelery Sat 05-Feb-11 23:05:08

I have washed leather trainers and they came up brilliantly. I washed leather slippers though and they were ruined. Sorry not much help but it will bump this if nothing else. grin

bubbles4 Sun 06-Feb-11 05:43:49

I wash leather trainers on synhetic seitting (30 degrees)and turn the spin speed down to 400.

ragged Sun 06-Feb-11 06:06:32

I've always done it, never think about twice, agree that 30 degrees is best.

lukewarmmama Sun 06-Feb-11 13:32:57

Alrighty, thanks all, will let the shoes take the plunge then...

peachybums Sun 06-Feb-11 13:54:15

I think if you put them on a cool wash and dont spin them they should be ok. Yes i have a shoes setting its great for trainers, slippers, shoes and DD2s changing bag lol.

lukewarmmama Sun 06-Feb-11 14:03:32

Hmmm, do you think I can justify buying a new washing machine with a shoes setting? [ponders cost/benefit ratio, decides probably not]

peachybums Sun 06-Feb-11 19:03:32

Haha when my old washing machine broke i actually went looking for one with a shoe setting as I love clean slippers and DS's shoes are always muddy!

Alouiseg Sun 06-Feb-11 19:05:57

I always wash trainers and uggs in the machine but I'd be interested to know what temperature and spin speed is on the "official" shoe setting?

lukewarmmama Mon 07-Feb-11 09:06:41

Well, I've put them in on a 30 degree mixed load wash, with lowest spin 600 on.... Fingers crossed....

peachybums Mon 07-Feb-11 13:29:00

According to my manual the shoes setting is a 30 wash and a 600rpm spin. You can wash a max of 2 pairs of shoes. So basically if you put it on a wool wash they should be fine

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