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How do I clean our toilets?

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hastingsmum Tue 11-Jan-11 00:51:52

I can't seem to ever get them clean under the water line. Is it just limescale that gets stuck there? And how do I remove it?

I don't want to buy loads of expensive things that don't work. Manually scrubbing worked the best but still didn't get rid of all of it and it soon came back again...

How do you all do it?

madhattershouse Tue 11-Jan-11 00:58:51

I use the Asda power toilet gel, just as good as the harpic. My bowl is whiter than any socks in this house grin

hastingsmum Tue 11-Jan-11 01:12:53

Lol, Do you just pour it in and leave it or scrub it?

madhattershouse Tue 11-Jan-11 01:15:58

Pour in..leave for a few mins then quick scrub...or do an hour soak. It really does the trick, I moved into a house where the toilet had a limescale treatment with this and it was gone!

hastingsmum Tue 11-Jan-11 01:17:06

Sounds great! I even have an ASDA just 2 minutes drive from here so will swing by and get some. Thanks!

BelieveInLife Tue 11-Jan-11 08:59:44

Harpic power tablets are really good too.

glovesoflove Wed 12-Jan-11 09:44:24

Our toilet had the limescale of ages, we bought a bottle of own brand cola and tipped some down every night before we went to bed, flushed in the morning - it got rid of most of it! It gets oil stains off your drive as well...

Pootles2010 Wed 12-Jan-11 16:21:21

[shivers] people drink that stuff.

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