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Vacuum advise please!

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Tw1nkle Sat 08-Jan-11 09:39:30


I've had a dyson for the past 10 years or so, and a few years ago, my Dyson packed up.
I've been using a second hand Dyson since then, and now that too is not picking anything up - I've tried cleaning all the filters and all the parts, still no luck.

So do i buy another Dyson (as they're supposed to be the best), or can anyone recommend another brand?

I want a powerful one, and am happy to pay over £150.

soppypreggyloon Sat 08-Jan-11 10:11:50

i have a dyson and i love it! its heavy but it is very satisfying seeing how much it sucks up!
i've had it for 5 years and its still fine.

i'd get another one when it breaks but will probably persuade dh to cough up for a ball one as they look super manoeuvrable - which is a bit of an issue with my DC07. still love it tho!

Tw1nkle Sat 08-Jan-11 10:16:04

I do love Dyson, but I might try something different now, as I haven't been happy for a few years!

Has anyone got a Miele Vacuum?

Plumm Sat 08-Jan-11 10:19:31

I had a Dyson for a few years before it packed in. I bought a cheap £30ish vacuum while I waited for the Dyson to be repaired under warranty. It did the job perfectly well and I never bothered getting the Dyson repaired.

Seona1973 Sat 08-Jan-11 10:32:13

I have a miele hepa filter hoover which has different brush heads for different surfaces and I much prefer it to the dyson I had before. Miele does better in which tests afaik and mine was cheaper than a dyson too.

aviatrix Sat 08-Jan-11 10:34:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OgreTripletsAreSoCute Sat 08-Jan-11 10:36:18

Love my miele, so do lots of other people and they always do well in Which magazine, consistently rated as the best cylinder vacs.

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