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Does anyone know about blinds?

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WimpleOfTheBallet Fri 31-Dec-10 16:08:27

I want to make some and I have a pic of the look I like and wondered if anyone knows what they're called? I could probably make them...but don't know what to google!

4th pic down with little people on them!

Thank you!

emsyj Fri 31-Dec-10 21:55:34

That pic just looks like two sets of roller blinds to me, One with a straight edge and one with a fancy edge but am not an expert!

KangarooCaught Fri 31-Dec-10 22:07:24

They look like cafe blinds to me

LadyBubbaAndBump Fri 31-Dec-10 22:24:03

Roman blinds, but with only two folds. I made some this summer and were chuffed to bits with the results

oksonowwhat Sun 02-Jan-11 23:32:44

I could do with making some basic blinds for the it really difficult?

LadyBubbaAndBump Mon 03-Jan-11 11:37:47

Mine are in the kitchen - it probably took a few hours of uninterrupted sewing. Quite complicated, but very, very satisfying. I'm no seamstress but the result is wonderful if I may say so myself. Tried to find you the link I used for instructions, but it's no longer in use...

LadyBubbaAndBump Mon 03-Jan-11 11:40:02

Found it here

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