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what can I buy to keep the wood etc in for the new fire please/

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mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-10 20:51:17

We are finally ready to use our fire! Yippee. The room is no longer a childrens playroom, the chimney has been swept and certified, the wood, coals and firelighters bought. But now we've realised we need a bucket/tub of some sort to keep the wood etc in.
Any ideas/tips please as to what works well, websites/shops to look at please?


ethelina Thu 23-Dec-10 20:57:06

We've got a rattan chest lined with hessian from Merchant Chandler which holds an evenings worth of wood for us, and a small open basket for kindling

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-10 21:14:23

do you use coal ethelina too? Weve been adviced to fist light a few pieces of coal then add the wood. Is that what you do?

ethelina Thu 23-Dec-10 21:20:31

No don't use coal at all, just wood. Ours is an enclosed woodburning stove with a back boiler which runs the central heating and hot water. I put down a layer I'd screwed up newspaper and some kindling on top and just light it. When it gets going I add the wood. When it's really hot we put a large slow burning piece of hardwood or two and it keeps going for hours with minimal interference. It took us 3 winters to get the hang of it though. I expect someone with experience of coal will be along in a minute smile

mckenzie Thu 23-Dec-10 21:25:29

thanks Ethelina. i hope for some helpful advice. Ours is a regular fireplace in the lounge. DH is being a rather typical man I'm afraid and is acting as though he's been lighting fires all his life when really, he is a real fire virgin like me smile.

ethelina Thu 23-Dec-10 21:36:30

Hehe they're all like that! It's like changing nappies really - once you've done a few you wonder what all the fuss was about grin.

ethelina Fri 24-Dec-10 10:05:13

Bump for coal related advice from anyone in the know smile

asmallbunchofmistletoe Fri 24-Dec-10 10:09:46

We have a coal scuttle we bought in an antique auction (v v lovely if I say so myself) but it isn't big enough for holding logs. My cunning plan is to buy a large wicker basket but I haven't yet found one that I like.

ethelina Fri 24-Dec-10 10:13:43

That rattan chest in Merchant Chandler i linked to is actually very sturdy and the lining is sound so no messy leaks.

asmallbunchofmistletoe Fri 24-Dec-10 10:15:50

That's very nice but I was hoping for something more rustic and twiggy looking, if you get my drift.

norfolkBRONZEturkey Fri 24-Dec-10 10:17:41

We have a baskt for kindling but we just stack the logs. It looks very pretty

trumpton Fri 24-Dec-10 10:20:40

Small scuttle for one evenings worth of coal and Medium whicker basket for logs.
Bought an oak swill basket a few years ago for DD log burner HEREIt should last forever.

trumpton Fri 24-Dec-10 10:21:30

Meant to say he was on Victorian Farm TV programme and we liked them so ordered one.

acumenin Sat 25-Dec-10 19:39:21

Garden Trading do a few good fireside bits, though I'm not keen on all this writing on buckets lark that shop is obsessed with. Cox and Cox has a few things too. I'm quite partial to those recycled tyre baskets that turn up on notonthehighstreet now and again.

If you have coal, advise getting a hod with a cover - because it gets everywhere - and tongs instead of a mini-shovel (they're pretty ineffective). If you make sure the hod has two handles and a sort of feedy-lip, you can chuck a load of coal on quickly if you need to.

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