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DP is a plonker!

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lucysmam Mon 20-Dec-10 20:10:28

He walked into a newly glossed door frame, didn't tell me so I could ask on here if there's any way to remove gloss from his sweater & bunged it in the washer this morning.

He's just gone to check if the paint came out ok and was shock that it didn't!

Any way I can get now washed in gloss out of the sweater? Or is it stuck like that?


lucysmam Mon 20-Dec-10 22:18:18


dode Tue 21-Dec-10 08:18:37

I think, really, it's a goner. If the gloss is still wet you can try to take it up with white spirit or cellulose thinners, but once it's combined with the fibres that's probably not possible. (And if it's delicate or synthetic, spirits and thinners could melt the fabric!)

You could try massaging Swarfega Paint (you can get this from DIY shops or if you have a mechanic/body shop nearby, duck in and ask for a squidge) into the fabric and then washing again.

I've heard of (extended family of builders, here) a product called Paintex, which I have never tried, but once you're into specialist cleaning products you may as well buy a new-to-you jumper on eBay.

lucysmam Tue 21-Dec-10 20:51:29

Thanks dode, he likes it so will hang onto it for pottering round the house in & bar him from wearing it out anywhere

Never mind, nice new sweater in the sales it is!

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