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Best blender?

(3 Posts)
Sierra19 Mon 20-Dec-10 12:59:35

Have posted this in products section, but it's very quiet and had no replies so thought I would try here.

Am looking for a new blender and have my eye on the KitchenAid one at the moment. Does anyone have this and have any good or bad points to mention?

It has the Which? Best Buy sticker on it in JL which makes me think it must be ok?

If not this one any other suggestions?

My requirements are: must have a glass jug, not plastic, a powerful motor and must be able to blend to a variety of consistencies including complete puree.

I don't mind how much it costs as it's something we use everyday and will do even more so when my (as yet unborn!) baby starts weaning.

Having said that, if KitchenAid are likely to be in the sales then I may wait a couple of weeks.

Sierra19 Mon 20-Dec-10 22:34:23


beijingaling Thu 23-Dec-10 05:46:58

Are you looking for a blender or a food processor?

I had the KitchenAid Blender a few years a go and it was very good tbh but I've not owned others to compare it to. The Kitchenaid does sound like it would fit the bill for you!

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