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Aghr help please!

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pinguwings Sat 18-Dec-10 18:49:07

What can I use to get liquid foundation off textured, cream wall paper?

I was a bit over enthusiastic when I pumped it and there is now a huge mark on the wall.

Have tried:

Make up remover

Warm water and soap

Any other suggestions oh wise ones?

ANTagony Sat 18-Dec-10 18:50:50

Baby wipe.

Does it dry to a mat sort of powder? If so would it be best to let it dry and then gently use a stiff brush.

cece Sat 18-Dec-10 18:51:38


cece Sat 18-Dec-10 18:51:55


pinguwings Sat 18-Dec-10 18:54:34

Baby wipe not working, only have bathroom Cif. I'll try toothpaste

LoopyLoopsOfSparklyFairyLights Sat 18-Dec-10 18:56:04

Make up remover?

Chatelaine Sat 18-Dec-10 20:03:09

How high on the wall? tbh I doubt you will get the stain removed, any scope in covering it with a picture? Otherwise replace section of wallpaper if you have any remnants of the original.

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