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How do you keep you & your home germ free?

(38 Posts)
katy1katy Fri 17-Dec-10 13:57:02

Message deleted

orangepoo Fri 17-Dec-10 13:59:09

If you have kids in primary school or nursery, I don't think you have a chance. I a recovering from flu so I do feel your pain!

I am interested in the replies though!

paarrp Fri 17-Dec-10 14:00:40

handwashing and fresh air - open the windows regularly

we are a slatterny household and rarely ill - maybe we've developed immunity

try not to overdo it on the antibacterial stuff

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Fri 17-Dec-10 14:01:44

save your money and buy normal cleaner - antibacterial doesn't make it any cleaner.

Really I think you're onto a loser - unless you never leave the house for the winter smile

katy1katy Fri 17-Dec-10 14:02:28

Message deleted

katy1katy Fri 17-Dec-10 14:04:58

Message deleted

headfairy Fri 17-Dec-10 14:09:14

colds are viruses so antibac pretty useless on them. Good hand hygiene helps, regularly wash hands in hot water and soap kills off any bits of cold virus you may have picked up when out and about. But with small children you're pretty much doomed, they're like walking petri dishes.

MadamDeathstare Fri 17-Dec-10 14:12:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

meltedmarsbars Fri 17-Dec-10 14:12:57

You're going the wrong way about it imho!

A bit of dirt is healthy. Antibac wipes just persuade germs to become resistant!

Just wash hands normally, keep a good diet, and keep stress levels low!


midnightexpress Fri 17-Dec-10 14:14:56

agree with meltedmarsbars. Dirt is good for building their immunity. Plus it allows you to get on with MNing and drinking tea.

DreamTeamGirl Fri 17-Dec-10 14:34:57

The only thing I do is hand-washing- have even been on a course to learn how to do it properly (smug emoticon) - (should probably clarify I work in the NHS)

The rest? Well, I am not convinced myself that it helps all that much...

mitochondria Fri 17-Dec-10 14:41:52

Antibac stuff is a waste of time, and can encourage resistance.

Vitamin supplements won't help either.

Best thing you can do is wash your hands.

You will get ill, it's children. They are like walking germ spreading machines.

NoahAndTheWhale Fri 17-Dec-10 14:45:24

I find that keeping germs in the house seems to generally keep them out of us.

fifitot Fri 17-Dec-10 14:49:01

Just wash your hands and drum it in to the kids to do the same. The germs come in despite your clean house though.

naturalbaby Fri 17-Dec-10 14:49:19

good handwashing and vitamin+mineral supplements for our house. my 16month old was taking ages to get over a chesty cough and after a couple of days on kids tonic was much better.

greentig3r Fri 17-Dec-10 15:13:17

I'm with meltedmarsbars and midnightexpress- apart from being sensible with handwashing and keeping fingers out of noses and mouths, nothing else makes any difference.

Exposure to bacteria is a good thing IME- eight years working in a nursery and I've only had 2 bugs and a mild cold most years. The staff who run around spraying anti-bac and using alcohol rubs are the ones who get sick most often.

Marne Fri 17-Dec-10 15:19:47

I was all surfaces with soapy water and then use anti-bac spray, i also spray detol anti-bac spray all over the house, we only use the anti-bac when one of us is ill (which isn't very often).

Dd2 is the healthiest out of the 4 of us and i think its due to the fact she mouths everything and has built up a good immune system but when she does get ill we often end up in hospital with her.
Dd2 and i have just had a D&V bug so the house has been cleaned from top to bottom with anti-bac sprays, TCP and soapy water to try and stop dh and dd1 getting it.

swanriver Fri 17-Dec-10 15:34:47

we don't get the d & v bug very often - once every two years maybe, and then not all of us...and my house is not particularily clean. Never used a antibacterial wipe in my life. Children seldom wash their handsblush We have cats too. There is mud. Yet we are I suppose quite healthy. Also lots of draughts/fresh air in this house. Cold bedrooms at night also prophylactic I think.

swanriver Fri 17-Dec-10 15:37:11

katy have you considered whether your kids are getting enough iron as that can sometimes affect susceptibility to infection? Just a thought. I know someone who this happened too.

thisisyesterday Fri 17-Dec-10 15:38:08

nothing, i live in a slatternly house too, and we're rarely ill!

i like to put it down to the whole building their immunity argument. we may however just be lucky! grin

ruddynorah Fri 17-Dec-10 15:38:57

I don't. I clean with microfibre cloths and water. We don't really get ill.

deaddei Fri 17-Dec-10 15:40:18

I do nothing in particular- my dcs have on average 1 day ill a year- haven't had d & v since they were toddlers (they are 11 and 14)
They eat lots of things with onions and garlic in.
I have a cat, fling bleach down the loo daily and no extra vitamins. Lots of fresh fruit and veg, chocolate at the weekends.

MrsDingDongMerrily Fri 17-Dec-10 15:48:47

I do go a bit mad spraying with Dettox if anyone has D&V, also separate handtowels for that person and anyone cleaning after them, I never used to bother and we'd all get it, since I implemented this regime only one person has ever had it. DCs are 6 and 4, we only tend to get about one bout a year.

Apart from that don't generally do much, try and handwash as much as poss, but persuading DH and the DCs to wash for 2 renditions of Happy Birthday (I was taught this at work too) has proved fruitless. Lots of fresh air, I do open windows a lot.

I have been helping in school regularly this year (started at Easter, so this is my first winter term) I have never had so many colds in my life.

DreamTeamGirl Fri 17-Dec-10 16:02:33

Absolutely mrsD post a D&V breakout everything gets bleached, but for coughs and colds- nah....

katy1katy Fri 17-Dec-10 16:50:02

Message deleted

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